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245i & a Lawyer, sammy's opinion please~

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  • 245i & a Lawyer, sammy's opinion please~

    A lawyer promised me to find me a sponsor with the right amount of money. risky or go for it! please sammy help me with some advice!

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    A lawyer promised me to find me a sponsor with the right amount of money. risky or go for it! please sammy help me with some advice!


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      Don't even think to do it. It is a crime and if ever INS finds out then you will be criminally prosecuted as well will be deported with lifetime bar to enter U.S. Do it right way or wait if there would be amnesty in the future or get fall in love with a USC if you can, because love can be developed later on. Think hard and many times before move to do such a things. Best of all.


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        I do not know what is criminal on it if somebody (friend or lawyer or immi. consultant) will help you to find sponsor, i.e. employer willing to sponsor you.


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          Criminality comes in picture when exchange of money is involved for getting the sponsor. Todd did not say that an employer is willing to sponsor him, instead he said that he was told by an attorney that attorney can find him a sponsor for "right amount of money". If there is no money involved in arranging the sponsor then go for it without second thought. I don't have time to explain you every little-little details on criminality. You should read the question first clearly before raising anything against anyone.


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            If you are not extremely obese, retarded, severely handicapped, or extremeley stinky, then you will be able to find someone who will want to marry you. Just don't be too picky yourself and some lady will fall in love with you. Just treat her with respect and bring flowers every now and then. If you get married, then you will be able to get a green card and eventually citizenship. Do not marry just for the green card, however. You need to find someone that you actually love. That takes time. Don't rush into marriage or you'll be sorry. Try American A lot of people have met spouses there. In the mean time you can see about getting a student visa or employer visa so that you can be around to date.


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              Good thing that i ask you first Sammy! lots people out there are willing to take a chance. your advice is very helpful thank you for saving me for not to get in trouble as well as my POCKET($) thank you so much!

              PS: what can you tell about the people who already did it and their case are already in the process in DOLE they can still back out and stop it .how they can stay away in trouble?


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                  deport illegal aliens


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                    SAMMY there?


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