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    B-U-M i cant believe they zonked B-U-M lol


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      to 4now....

      What is an audit/interview. I am an older woman
      married to a younger guy....we have no problem with it. In many ways he is more mature than me...the world has a double standard...if an
      older man...dates or marries a younger women....
      he's fantastic or admire him...
      older women are jealous of the younger girl.....

      if an older woman....educated, physically fit..
      and trim...who can chose anyone to other words, she does not want to take care of
      an older man...she'd rather have fun.......immediately folks think that the older women is an awful person...... I know
      several women who are older that have married
      much younger men....and they love it.......
      actually, my husband has a hard time keeping up
      with me......believe me...the older woman...
      is not an ugly person...or anything awful...
      she'd just rather be out dancing than at home
      watching TV......

      Older women know what they want....and can do does take an avant guard woman.....


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        I forgot to mention...that I have many friends
        (women) that are upset about my marriage to
        a younger guy.....however their husbands tell
        me don't worry about it....they are just jealous..
        that you did it and are doing it well.......
        .....the husbands tell me if their wife died..
        they would marry a younger girl....too...
        ...I am very trim...and work out regularly...
        it's okey.... we have friends that can handle it
        and those that can't.....

        we tend to do together....
        he does with his friends...I do with mine...
        so this is okey.....


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          Hi Nireehamdi.

          Good for you and lucky for your husband.

          How long have you been married? Has your joint I751 petition been approved. if so. are there more than 10 years between the two of you. This is what I meant for audit/interview.

          By audit it means that your petition for I751 would be pulled to be called for an interview. The reasoning for this is becuase in the past many sham marriages were with older widows, many on social security looking for extra income
          They just have a tendency to scrutinize these situations more. Its biased and is a stigma. Its no problem for bonafide marriages... just an inconvienince


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            4 now...that is the I751....we have been
            married for a year and a half...yes there are
            more than 10 years older...we knew
            eachother about 5 years before we married...
            and lived together for several months before
            we married....we never thought about age...
            until we got into this.....we do care and love
            each other....


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              What is the I751?

              I do not know if we did this yet...we do
              have Adjustment of Status interview coming up...


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                I do not need extra income...I work full time...
                and don't need it....we both are working...
                we both have graduated college...and ...
                we married because we wanted to.....


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                  Hi nireehamdi,
                  you got a long way to go before I -751...once your AOS will be approved...u will be granted 2-yrs conditional Green Card. Before 90 days of its expiration ... u will have to fill out I -751 to remove conditions on your LPR status....that's what I - 751 is...I am happy for you that ur marriage is going well and wish you a very happy married life !!! Pasha


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                    my fiancee had his interview nov, 6th was turned down all was told we cant let you marry at this time and was asked all kinds of questions concerning age im older than he is and we fell this is why he was turned down and i have been with him 3 years so cant say they dont look at age differnce


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                      My husband and I knew each other app. 4 years prior to getting married. I am older...he is
                      younger. We also went out together. We never thought about the my age..or his age...because
                      we "were just happy together"....then we went
                      from friends to getting married... there is
                      chronological age and mental age...and age when
                      you love someone....I don't think it was the
                      age question, it must have been something else.


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                        I agree that true love sees no color nor age. As long as you're comfortable with the person. What BCIS will look for is basically Bona Fide documents, time you've known each other; they would probbly look at the age difference but really it's not anything they haven't seen before or a taboo of some sort. You guys are happy, have tons of pictures together, joint accounts, mortgage together, both stayed out of trouble, paid your taxes, you'll be fine.

                        On another note age is mostly a mental thing in most cases as per say. Remember growing old is compulsory but growing up is optional.

                        Hope this saying serves as a mantra for someone here


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                          Also remember giving you a hard time for age difference would be DISCRIMINATORY.


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                            We were talking last night...and when we first
                            knew each other...we never thought about age
                            at all. Yes, I knew he was younger, yes, he
                            knew I was older... we were just "into ourselves".It wasn't until others called it to
                            our attention....I've gotten rather self conscious about it...I love the saying by Ghost, it's true.
                            My in many ways much older than I....
                            I'm older when I need to be...around him I don't need to be older... it's okey


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                              What is INS asks us about having children?
                              Actually, we haven't discussed it much...we could adopt...or invitro fertilization. Right now
                              we are enjoying "us". I'm the older wife....
                              but the "juices" flow with him. My husband definitely does not believe in divorce....but
                              children is just "not his thing" right now...
                              so what is a diplomatic answer to give to INS?


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                                I think you answer honestly just like u did here. " we havent discussed it much and right now we are just enjoying ourselves." no more no less . if USCIS brings up age thing relative to the children then refer to options u mentioned if pregnancy is not option for u. Dont u bring up the age thing. Get in and get out of there . just conduct yourselves as u always do where age has not been an issue. I am sure USCIS will see that you are a beautiful woman who takes care of herself at any age. good luck in ur interview. you will be fine. just u had better come back here and update us.


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