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    I'm sure some woman over 30 complained about your machinary. Thats one good thing about young girls, they dont complain when ur equipment is inadequate


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        Ok Michael,
        Lets think for one minute whatever you said in your last post...the details about younger girls is true...just need to add one more point...and then they KICK ON YOUR A*S*S right? that's what might have happened in ur case....


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          Michael, you Cro-Magnon, the ONLY way you can get a woman is to club her over the head and drag her to your cave.
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            I needed a good laugh, cro magnon, lol. How funny. Michael, I thought you had actually posted something before that I thought was worthwhile,are you sure that you are Michael? Are you an impostor??? I think your views are somewhat unusual. I am 45 and that is not the attitude that I run into at ALL. I think you must have had a traumatic experience with a WOMAN and that is why you feel the way that you do. If you have the attitude of girl, a sister, a mother, etc. then you are only out for yourself and men like that are TERRIBLE in bed, just for the record.


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              I think that WOMAN was his MOTHER!
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Hey. you heard about BCIS running that sting
                "Operation Predator" for the aliens.. Suppose they should have run one for the US citizen called "Operation Pediphile.

                Hey Michael. just curious. how old is your wife that you want to deport......


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                  I think you are intermingling two different things here- LOVE and S-E-X. As far as love is concerned, then I believe somebody already explained you earlier that love has no boundary, or age, culture, race or anything like that. But, if you are talking about s-e-x, then I still disagree with you. Even though young age has something to do with appearance, energy, looks, excitement, but then it goes vice versa also. I meant it applies to men too. If you read the statistic, then you will find mostly young girls like older men for whatever reasons. So, most probably they will choose older guys over you too. Yes- beauty and youthfulness are what men look in a female, but then commitment and security are what women look in a men. So, where do you fit here? So, if you are young guy without much financial means, then young girls will choose older men over you. I've known lots of younger girls aged 18 and 19, who ended up sleeping with the dad of their boyfriends because they said that younger guys don't know how to satisfy a women on bed, and they are so selfish, immature, and no finanical and committment kind of stuff. I can even support my statements with documentary evidences.

                  As far as your statement about 'women over 30 are worthless on bed' is concerned, then I would say you are completely wrong. If women over 30 are that much worthless, then why more and more men are dating older women these days? As you know Ashton Krucher is only 25 and Demi Moore is 44 yrs old. Andre Agassi was only 22 yrs old in 1992 when he was dating Barbara Streisand, who was 56 by then. Ben Afflec is dating and engaged to Jello, who is much older than him. Don't you know anything about on-going romances of Carmen Diaz, Meg Ryan, and Courtney Love? Even a NBC news anchor- Jane Pauly, who is 57 married to a guy of 40 yrs of age. Did you ever heard a recent case in Indiana, wherein a women of aged 45 got married with 14 yrs old boy. The guy was the best friend of her son. They were dating since he was 13 and got married in Alabama when he turned 14. The guy doesn't even look like 14 yrs old, instead he looks only a 8 yrs old by appearance. He is in 7th grade and his wife always keeps their marriage certificate in her purse if something goes wrong. I can provide you full information about them if you want. They are so happy couple. I can go on and on to prove you otherwise about older women on bed. I think you never met a real women over 30 yet. You need to learn lots in your life.

                  Matter of fact, you won't believe if I'll tell you that I was involved in a relationship with a women of 52 yrs of age, two years ago when I was only 24 yrs of age. And, let me tell you- that was the best relationship I ever had in my life even though I've dated many younger girls in my life. I know it sounds silly and very strange, but I don't care or don't give the d-a-m-n what you or other would think about my that relationship, since I was so happy back then even when it comes to s-e-x too. Young girls don't even know how to tight up the lace of their shoes, then how would they know about being good on bed if you are talking about being good on bed only. Don't you know that experience counts in any field, especially when you are talking about being good on bed. I find older women more knowledgeable than younger gilrs on bed. Younger girls only talk blah..blah...blah, but older women match their words with their acts. I'm telling you based upon my experiences in dating both- younger [minimum 18 yrs old] and older women [maximum 52 yrs of old], and I've dated only cocassion [white] women so far in my life.

                  As you said younger girls are cute, their skin are so soft and all other stuffs about them, but then it suggests indirectly that you might keep the same feelings about teen or pre-teen girls also, since they also have young and cute body. And they are also most vulnerable to any kind of trick from a person like you.

                  Let me tell you few jokes about how a young girl are compared to older women.

                  A very old man married a girl, who is barely out of her t-e-e-n-s. Needless to say-she is asking for it so whenever they get into bed on the wedding night, she asks him:"So are we going to have rampant s-e-x tonight?

                  The old man responds by raising his hand and out stretching his fingers.

                  "What? Five Times?" asks the eager girl being so much happy to be bang.

                  "No", he replied, "Pick a finger".

                  Another one is>

                  A naive young girl from a small town was visiting friends in San Francisco. She phoned her mom to let her know how she was getting along there.

                  "Things are rather strange here. I see men who hold hands, kiss and hug each other. They're called 'g-a-y' or h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l.

                  Even more surprising, there are women here who do the same thing and they are referred as 'l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s'.

                  You probably won't believe this, but some men her put their heads down on a woman's private parts and do things with their tongues."

                  "Good Lord", her mom said, "What do they call them?"

                  "Well, after I caught my breath I called one of them PRECIOUS!"


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                    J-Lo = Jello LOL!!!!!

                    Thanks Sammy, I never heard her called that before. I fell off my chair laughing. I'll never look at Jell-o that same again.
                    Sweet Madame Belu


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                      Josephine Schomo:

                      Happy Halloween! I'm dressed as a 'Terminator' right now for a Halloween party today. I know I'm gonna scare the hell out of those witches and ghosts that come in your dreams usually.

                      Hummm...J-Lo=Jello= Julieat= Josephine=JANU [LOVE]. Sometimes, I just wonder why every goody goes by "J"


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                        Sammy ..thats why ur here so early. Hmm Terminator .. now I understand why u did "come back." Have fun tonite


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                          It's Halloween and I really should be in
                          Salem with the rest of the Witches.

                          Instead, I'm sitting here all alone, (hubby at work) drinking Olde Buzzard Pale Ale. "Shut UP, Michael! Don't even GO there!"

                          Halloween (Festival of the Dead) was created by my Irish/Celtic ancestors five centuries B.C.

                          Sammy, have FUN tonight, Bud! Don't do too many J-Lo, I mean, Jell-O Shots!
                          Sweet Madame Belu


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                            Hahaha...this thread brings a refreshing touch to this board.
                            I'm so sorry I missed it before.
                            You guys are great. You made me and my hubby laughed ...Thank you guys keep it up


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                              **** you girls are all worked up i somewhat agree with him i dont blieve a women should be that much older than a man maybe the other way around ****.most countrys its not acceptable or looked down on maybe its not in the usa.


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                                Read the entire post. its not just girls but many other guys also agreed. We have a difference in opinion on the other countries attitudes and the usa for older woman/younger man. What countries can u state that "look down on this" Or is this just your opinion with no facts to back it up. just like" you dont think "it should be that way. If you follow religions and use this as a model for life.. then We could discuss several instances where this occured. Most of this ignorance comes from the media and bad attitudes. Open your mind and you will not miss the finer things in life ***. A closed mind without logical reason usually defines an ignorant person.


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