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Approved I-130! Yeah, but what is I-171 vs. I-797?? Help!

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    Oh yea that is it, my bad, I missed that part... Yea, that also must be the reason it took quicker, since the marriage was entered before the proceedings... Yea, you won't have a problem at all after this point...


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      Thanks Bushmaster!
      Good luck also to you in all your efforts!


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        Oh also, no you didn't do anything wrong, I first compared to my case without knowing the exact details of your case and it seemed wrong, but it is not. No why would you be worried about anything now? Relax...


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          I guess I'm not really worried per se, just that, it all seems so unreal. With that whole spec. reg. thing, and all that we went through that day (harassing my wife, etc.) I just can't believe we're moving forward! I feel like this weight has been lifted. My lawyer just gave a call to say she couldn't believe it was approved so fast and we can move forward. It's like our lives have been on hold...I know you understand that feeling.


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            Yes, I am on hold since October 2001! Anyway, they might have wanted to move forward fast, due to the increased workload of the courts maybe... Because you have relief, and been married for a while now, why would the INS press on to get you out? Obviously, you did not appear on any terrorist list or other kind of lists which could raise a flag, and they just cleared your way. If judge does not remand your case to the local office, you would also get your AOS done pretty quick...


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              Yeah--I'm not on any list, they tried to find me during spec reg. It was pretty funny actually. There were 3 agents pouring through the computer, and I'm just sitting there. I heard the head investigator say to the others, "Well??" and they said, "there just isn't anything." and the other guy said, "We don't have any reason to hold him." They were sort of laughing about it. They tried a couple different databases. And they were about to let me go when they decided they wanted to keep my passport and issue me the NTA. I offered to show them all my paperwork (waiting to file, and even a plane ticket in case I had to go home) but they just said I could show it all to the judge. Our lawyer said that I would probably adjust in front of the judge. Maybe because there weren't any negative factors, aside from the overstay, they just wanted to get rid of their backlog. I hate to get my hopes up though


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                Mine was happened right after Sept.11. Not because I am one of Spec Reg Countries, but a pilot... Well, I do have those database search printouts... They had tried many aliases on my name... All returned "NO MATCH" LOL!!! They even had done a similar name search where a only guy popped up on the list. Similar first and last name but no relation...

                They charged me with overstay and locked me up! Same time INS ran an investigation. Cleared, I got released, came back to court after wedding, INS TA says "we are sorry, we released him by mistake, he is still in investigation" Judge was outraged! Everything on hold, waiting for government to finish investigation, 5 months later... all clear...


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