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    can i use itin in place of ssn to withhold taxes? for sALARY PURPOSES.

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    can i use itin in place of ssn to withhold taxes? for sALARY PURPOSES.


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      You may not use ITIN to engage in employment. You must use SSN for that.


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        I have no ssn but i hav an itin. my employer sponsored me for h1b but its almost a year now and i havent got an approval yet.


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          a TIN is a Tax Identification Number. I am not 100% sure, however, I imagine that you can use it for any reason that pertains to taxes, such as withholding taxes.

          Call the IRS to double check.... and remember the IRS is not the INS - calling them shouldn't create any problems for you.


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            Having an ITIN is adequate for all tax purposes. You don't have to have a SSN. As a matter of fact, many foreign executives working in the US on ITIN for tax returns. That being said, you still need the proper legal status to work for immigration purpose.


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              my employer wants me to start working but the problem is he cannot give my salary unless i have an ssn. a friend of mine told me that i could use my itin for that matter but i dont know exactly how to do it.


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                You may not work in the US without a valid SSN. The ITIN is for taxpaying purposes only and does not make you eligible for employment. The ITIN is usually a fast tip-off to employers that the applicant is not eligible to work. You need an SSN. If the employer hires you and you have a fake SSN, your name will appear on the "mismatch letter" employers get every year, and that will tell him/her at once what your status is.


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                  What are "tax-paying purposes" if not related to work?


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                    So the authorized worker can claim a dependent on his/her taxes, for one. No one without a valid SSN no one is eligible for employment, bottom line, but a lot of employers don't know or care that there is a difference. Having an ITIN is fine, but we hire no one with out a valid SSN.


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                      ITIN is used to pay taxes on UNEARNED income, like interest, dividends, lottery winning, gifts, i.e anything not earned by employment. To pay EARNED taxes (i.e. from employment) one must have SSN.


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                        You must have a SSN to work in the United States. Once the H-1B application is approved, fill-out form SS-5 to obtain the SSN. In the interim, unless you have INS work authorization, you are not entitled to a SSN, because you are not authorized to accept employment.


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                          but will the irs accept the tin as a substitute for ssn? my employer is willing to hire me eventhough my h1b approval is not here yet. will there be a problem if i use an itin instead of ssn?


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                            "my employer is willing to hire me eventhough my h1b approval is not here yet."

                            Just a reminder: it is illegal for both, your employer and you. And there are penalties for that, which are much harsher for you than for your employer.

                            Your prospective employer is ignorant of law.


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