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  • Social Security Wait Time

    As anyone here been waiting for a long time to receive their social security number? I applied form in December using my eac and still waiting. I have recently gotten my passport stamped with my I-551 stamp and still they say info not downloaded to system as yet. Does anyone here have a clue as to what I can do? I understand I can try another social security office now that I have recently gotten my I-551 stamp. Will that be O.K. or is that wrong? I don't know did anone here try that and it was O.K.? Please share if anyone elas is also waiting for a long time. It's 4 months for me now. Also they didn't give me a receipt to show that I applied, which I understand from someone I should have gotten. If I apply for a job I won't have that to show as proof that I did apply for a number? What is going on? I am so confused. Can someone, anyone please help me with some info? Thanks in advance.

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    Someone, anyone please a response.


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        That response have absolutely nothing to do with my question. I am desperate here.


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