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President Barack Obama Watch-The SECOND 100 Days 2009

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  • Don't worry Mike, I'm sure davdah will be along to trash everything Obama's done since coming into office. Those CEOs can't all possibly be right
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."



      Obama approval rating sinks to 50 percent

      by Michael Mathes Michael Mathes – Thu Aug 6, 8:34 am ET

      WASHINGTON, Aug 6, 2009 (AFP) – US President Barack Obama's approval rating has slumped to 50 percent, the lowest since his inauguration, according to a poll released Thursday on the eve of his 200th day in office.

      Quinnipiac University said the president's job approval rating dipped to 50 percent, versus 42 percent who disapprove -- a reflection of growing unease over Obama's handling of the economy, which sank into a devastating recession last year prompting his administration to unleash a deficit-stretching stimulus package, and health care which faces a critical overhaul in Congress.

      The figure is a substantial drop from the 57-33 percent approval rating he had on July 2, and far less than the numbers he enjoyed in the honeymoon first 100 days of his tenure.

      The poll of 2,409 registered voters nationwide found they disapproved 49-45 percent of the way Obama was handling the economy, and disapproved 52-39 percent on his handling of health care, but approved 52-38 percent of his foreign policy.

      While Republicans disapproved of the Democratic president's job performance by an expectedly large margin of 77-16 percent, the poll found that Americans disapproved 59-29 percent of how Republicans in Congress were doing their job and that they trusted Obama over Republicans 47-36 percent to fix the economy and 46-37 percent to deal with health care.

      "The president is right on the magic 50-percent threshold in public approval because of bad grades on the economy and even worse grades on health care," said Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac's Polling Institute.

      "The good news... is that American voters still see him as better able to handle the economy and health care than Republicans in Congress," Brown said. "The bad news is his margins are shrinking."

      On July 21 a USA Today/Gallup poll found Obama's approval rating was 55 percent six months into his presidency, one point lower than that of his predecessor George W. Bush at the same point in his tenure.

      Another poll released Thursday revealed better numbers for Obama, the nation's first black president, but showed the same downward trend as Quinnipiac's.

      The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation telephone poll of 1,136 adult Americans -- including what it described as an "oversample of African-Americans" -- said 56 percent of respondents approved of the way Obama was handling his job, compared with 40 percent who disapprove.

      In late June, that figure stood at 61-37 percent, according to CNN.

      The Quinnipiac poll said 93 percent of respondents described the US economy as "not so good" or "poor," with just 28 percent saying it is improving, and 29 percent saying it is getting worse. Forty-one percent saw no change.

      The survey also found that "by a 49-33 percent margin, voters think his policies will help the economy, but they believe, 36-33 percent, that Obama's policies will hurt their personal financial situation," Brown said.

      The poll conducted July 27 to August 3 had a margin of error of two percentage points.

      Obama has hit the road in recent weeks, traveling to parts of the American heartland to push his efforts to stabilize the economy and his bid to reform health care.

      He has pledged to overhaul the US health care system. He and most Democratic lawmakers want to introduce a public coverage option, while many Republican members of Congress and some conservative Democrats are against the idea.

      On Tuesday a Harris Interactive online survey showed a majority of Americans are in favor, 52-30 percent, of having a government-run health care option as proposed by Obama.

      Quinnipiac also showed that Obama was licking his wounds in the wake of a race scandal in which he said police "acted stupidly" when a white officer arrested prominent black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates at the scholar's own home last month.

      By 46-37 percent, respondents said Obama himself acted "stupidly" in the dispute, and by a margin of 62-26 percent they said Obama should not have intervened at all.



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