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  • I-130 time delay

    Can anyone advise me of the time delay after applying for I-130 application to Texas Service Center?

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    Can anyone advise me of the time delay after applying for I-130 application to Texas Service Center?


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      It depends which catagry you filed for? If it is for Immediate relative it will be quicker, but if it is for alien relative it will take little longer. You can check current processing time at


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        My US husband applied for my daughter who was still 20 years old in November 2002 and I know there was a new act pasted by Pres. Bush on 6 August 2002 "Child Protection Act", the INS cashed our money on 13 December 2002 but todate we have not received any notice of action or any type of letter from them.


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          Soon you will receive letter from INS. As of date of filing of I-130 your daughter was under 21 years old, so she will be eligible to be classified as IR under Child Status Protection Act, 2002. Even if she will be over 21 years at the time of interview, still she will be eligible under CSPA, 2002 as IR. Whole process from filing to interview takes about 9 - 15 months.
          Good luck.


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            My daughter came over with me first on a K2 visa but had to leave before we could adjust our status as we could not get a travel document for her without that. Her father in South Africa was dying. So that was why my husband filed a I-130 in November 2002 but my question is that we have been waiting since then, the only thing we have back is the Postal Receipt saying INS cashed our money, but still nothing further from INS. Is this long time period normal? Without a notice of action or any correspondence from INS how can I know if they have my application?


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