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    Still learning:
    "Yes, you are Terribly Alert although terrible gives the wrong connotation..."

    You know,Still Learning, I like reading very much.
    Specially I love to read in the big libraries and nice, large book-stores.
    There I can choose good titles and great works by credible authors on variety of subjects.
    There I can make a research and find facts about things and the world I live in.
    You don't get that kind of stuff on daily papers,magazines or even on the pages of internet.
    On internet you get 99.99% **** and 0.01 scientifical, unprejudiced, thoughtful ideas and facts.
    Recently I have read the book about advanced psychological studies describing how some passionate people are being treated with PROZAK and other likewise drugs.
    The interesting point the authors make is that the common held belief(shared by many Psychology PhD's) that almost EVERY passionate person is ALSO "dense" is a false one.
    And he also explains the origins of these "common-sense" beliefs: they originate with the farmacy and drug producing industry.
    It just makes sence to label everyone "sick" so they can sell drugs and "therapy" and make billions of dollars in profit.
    I perfectly understand their position from economic (although NOT ethical) point of view.

    But I assumed that you may not have been as informed in the subject of "PASSION" and therefore advanced comments about TERRIBLENESS of my posting
    And hence this little introduction about recent advanced psychology studies ;-)

    Anyway, I admit of being a PASSIONATE person and quite frankly I don't think anything is wrong with being so.
    Good mannered, well educated people will always get my points on their merits.
    Why should I worry about perception of the rest? ;-)

    Now, if there be a real need I can simply stick to the facts and be as "ice-cold" as anyone could be.
    If I had the choice my MOST favorite spot for arguments would be in Courtroom, in front of the all powerful and WISE JUDGE, where nothing but facts count.
    Where every "off-topic" argument silenced immediately and permanently without regard to the feelings of one who "cheats"
    Alas, I am not in the Courtroom but in the forum where every single person could say or claim whatever they wish.
    And very often it simply isn't worth my time and effort to get into detailed , "factual" dispute or argument with any single member of that forum.

    What for? It doesn't pay my bills, right?

    So, I end up simply "pissing off" those who advance unfounded,clearly falsified arguments.
    It saves my time and energy and adds some "pepper" to the daily ration of those who make irresponsibly false claims ;-)
    By the way, everyone should be careful not to step beyond boundaries and not to harass other person: remember, you are on internet, your IP just as your identity is traceable.
    So, whatever you do don't forget that you are not really INVISIBLE here :-)
    As to me I never forget that rule and always keep my speech within the First Amendment Rights of the Freedom of Speech and Expression.
    Now THAT is something that no one can take from me, UNLESS the Constitution is AMENDED ;-)))

    So, back to your comment ;-)
    Yes, I advanced rather too bold suggestion that the author of the original posting had something else in his mind before he wrote his posting.
    And although my suggestion might seem a bit "harsh" and "inconsiderate" to the author, yet it has factual reasons under it.
    As I red the posting I felt very sorry for the man whose daughter became undocumented and thought what advice I could give him.

    I also had some doubt in my mind about his claim that he couldn't change or adjust his status for 20 years.
    I know of only ONE kind of non-immigrant status that you can't change or adjust unless Government makes special request on your behalf: that is an "S" Visa. S-1 and S-2.*

    So, I decided to look up some information. And I could easily find the websites of Immigration Law Practicioners from where I copied above referenced articles.
    I intentionally didn't quote the INA for its text is usually too complicated and confusing for the average reader.

    Now,Still Learning, if you read the information that I have reffered to above it will become clear that holders of E-1 or E-2 statuses are not restricted to change or adjust their status while in the US.
    If that is so then natural question is WHY the original poster CAN'T do something that IS permitted uder the law?

    Had he said that he was 361 days out of status in US and married to undocumented alien then I would have no reason to doubt his statement.
    Because we all know that once OUT of status any undocumented alien is unable to change or adjust his/her status in the US and is subject to the bars of entry(except for spouses of US Citizens who can in some cases obtain the waivers and very few other categories of aliens).

    So, based on the publicly available information it seems to me that the poster's claims are not Legally founded.
    Therefore, as I just said above,there is a reasonable question: WHY would someone who is apparently sane make such a claim?

    Unless you are 10 year old kid who has nothing better to do than to make up stories on internet, why would you write such a thing?
    (And as to the 10 year old kid-I don't think he would come up with such a story, for it sounds like it is written by an adult person).

    Now, tell me, Still Learning, what is really "dense" or wrong with questioning the intent of the person who made up such Legally UNFOUNDED, false story?
    It is expected that the author would come up with proper explanation and rebute me or in absence of such rebuttal we will have to rely on our guesses.
    And it is not really my fault that he makes me GUESS all sort of things about his intent by posting here the information about the immigration law that can't be verified by ordinary means of researching our Immigration and Nationality Laws.

    On the hand I hear too often from the opponents of Bush Immigration Proposal that his Temporary Worker plan rewards Illegal behavior while millions of those who played by the rules are unfairly left "out of the boat".

    Now, it is perfectly OK if you disagree with Bush's plan for Immigration Reform, or any other plan as long as you have a legitimate claim of your own to support your view.
    We are all free and our great Constitution allows all of us to express our opinion freely without a fear of persecution or harassment for doing so.
    But it is not really OK to advance such arguments without real, LEGITIMATE basis behind it.
    For then it is not really an argument but rather a cheating.
    Imagine how it would be if you advanced forged, fraudulent documents or cooked-up facts to "prove" your case before the Judge?
    You would propably get 5 years of imprisonment on top of whatever conviction you got for lying under oath/perjury.
    But here we have an informal forum and hence noone feels responsible to back his/her claims when required to do so.
    You can claim anything you want, however absurd it might be, and the chances are that innocent reader after reading whatever you claim here will settle somewhere "in the middle" with the opinion that actually will be as far from the reality as you can guess.
    And in the question involving the Immigration Policy that is an issue that can not be overlooked.It is opinion that will make up a National Poll tomorrow.
    What if 70% of americans read and believe such false "stories" and what if they get repeated time after time after time?
    Is it then wonder that people get so frustrated and agitated against any kind of legalization program?
    Is it then wonder that 2/3 of americans don't support any kind of legalization program?
    And imagine how much different their stand would be on legalization issue if everyone was investigative and critical of any and all information they read?
    They would then have their opinion UNINFLUENCED by certain people who make false claims for undisclosed to the reader reasons.

    So, in light of all above said I would like to know why you think that I am TERRIBLY DENSE IN THE TERRIBLE CONNOTATION OF THE WORD?
    Do you really think that it is a terribly think to ask people be skeptical and use their critical judgement and investigative abilities in reading some posts on the net?

    I would like to know of my own faults as it is my constant goal to reach the truth rather than to make up one.

    My Best Regards,
    E. ;-)

    P.S By the way, I AGREE: "some people need to heed their own advice." ;-)

    S-1 and S-2 VISAS:
    Those are special cathegory of non-immigrant visas that are being granted to material vitnesses in Federally Prosecuted cases involving organised crime,terrorism and etc.
    Once the case is over(or if Government suspects that the informer is giving a false or misleading information) the holder of such status is asked to leave the country without the possibility to adjust or change his status, or he might even be prosecuted himself(likewise, in some cases, he might be allowed to adjust his status to be protected from potential threats to his life in the homecountry, or under "witness protection program" in the US).

    [This message was edited by E. on January 29, 2004 at 12:07 AM.]

    [This message was edited by E. on January 29, 2004 at 12:17 AM.]


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      "But I assumed that you may not be as informed in the subject and therefore you advanced the comments about "density" of my posting"

      To clarify my previous posts: I signed the post "Dense Today", as I feel dense today, or slow, and felt like I might have been posting something that was obvious to everyone else but I needed clarification. I had no idea that you would take it as a personal slight. If I thought YOU were dense,I would have said "I think you are dense".

      In regards to my remark about the connotation of "terribly alert" I meant that the word terrible can be used in different ways, but often means bad, obnoxious, repulsive, etc. In other words, I was saying that being so alert was not bad, etc. In fact, it is a good thing. I realize that you used the word "terrible" to mean "extreme". I was making an innocent comment. If I had thought YOU were terrible or your exploration of the reason for the original post on this thread was terrible I would have said something along the lines of "I think you're terrible" or "I think it's terrible that you would be questioning the purpose behind the original poster's story".

      As far as the people heeding their own advice remark, that was not directed at you.

      If there's anything else that I've done or said that I need to clarify, please let me know.

      Also, I don't know if any of your discussion regarding IP address, being invisible, etc., was directed to me. Just in case it was directed at me I will say I don't harass anyone. I will also say that I have thought that your posts were thought provoking and I never expected to be misunderstood in this way. I apologize if I was unclear in my previous posts. Since we do seem to be being blunt here I will also say that I have to wonder why you felt it necessary to put the statements about IP and being invisible in your post.


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        Hi E,

        Thank you very much for great info ... well that's what I meant in my previous replies... there is something missing here...why he couldn't adjust status in 20 years ... I would like to ask you one question and it will be great if u could answer me ... thanks in advance....

        Why E visa is mentioned under Lawful permanent residency and green card section on BCIS website ???? I guess you can get green card through this visa ....

        Here is info about E visa from BCIS website ....

        Under section 203(b)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S.C. § 1153(b)(5), 10,000 immigrant visas per year are available to qualified individuals seeking permanent resident status on the basis of their engagement in a new commercial enterprise.
        Of the 10,000 investor visas (i.e., EB-5 visas) available annually, 5,000 are set aside for those who apply under a pilot program involving an CIS-designated "Regional Center."
        A "Regional Center:"
        "¢ Is an entity, organization or agency that has been approved as such by the Service;
        "¢ Focuses on a specific geographic area within the United States; and ,
        "¢ Seeks to promote economic growth through increased export sales, improved regional productivity, creation of new jobs, and increased domestic capital investment.
        "Alien investors" must:
        "¢ Demonstrate that a "qualified investment" (see below) is being made in a new commercial enterprise located within an approved Regional Center; and,
        "¢ Show, using reasonable methodologies, that 10 or more jobs are actually created either directly or indirectly by the new commercial enterprise through revenues generated from increased exports, improved regional productivity, job creation, or increased domestic capital investment resulting from the pilot program.
        Permanent resident status based on EB-5 eligibility is available to investors, either alone or coming with their spouse and unmarried children. Eligible aliens are those who have invested -- or are actively in the process of investing -- the required amount of capital into a new commercial enterprise that they have established. They must further demonstrate that this investment will benefit the United States economy and create the requisite number of full-time jobs for qualified persons within the United States.
        In general, "eligible individuals" include those:
        1. Who establish a new commercial enterprise by:
        o creating an original business;
        o purchasing an existing business and simultaneously or subsequently restructuring or reorganizing the business such that a new commercial enterprise results; or
        o expanding an existing business by 140 percent of the pre-investment number of jobs or net worth, or retaining all existing jobs in a troubled business that has lost 20 percent of its net worth over the past 12 to 24 months; and
        2. Who have invested -- or who are actively in the process of investing -- in a new commercial enterprise:
        o at least $1,000,000, or
        o at least $500,000 where the investment is being made in a "targeted employment area," which is an area that has experienced unemployment of at least 150 per cent of the national average rate or a rural area as designated by OMB; and
        3. Whose engagement in a new commercial enterprise will benefit the United States economy and:
        o create full-time employment for not fewer than 10 qualified individuals; or
        o maintain the number of existing employees at no less than the pre-investment level for a period of at least two years, where the capital investment is being made in a "troubled business," which is a business that has been in existence for at least two years and that has lost 20 percent of its net worth over the past 12 to 24 months.
        For a full description of the requirements, see 8 U.S.C. § 1153(b)(5) and 8 C.F.R. § 204.6.
        How Do I...
        ...Seek Status as an Immigrant Investor
        In order to seek status as an immigrant investor, you must file CIS Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur. The Form I-526 must be filed with supporting documentation which clearly demonstrates that the individual's investment meets all requirements, such as:
        "¢ establishing a new commercial enterprise,
        "¢ investing the requisite capital amount,
        "¢ proving the investment comes from a lawful source of funds,
        "¢ creating the requisite number of jobs,
        "¢ demonstrating that the investor is actively participating in the business; and, where applicable,
        "¢ reating employment within a targeted employment area.
        For a full description of the requirements, see 8 U.S.C. § 1153(b)(5) and 8 C.F.R. § 204.6.
        You can find the Form I-526 and the fee information on our Forms, Fees, and Filing Locations chart.
        ...Obtain Status as a Conditional Resident
        Once the Form I-526 is approved, immigrant investors may obtain status as a conditional resident by:
        "¢ Filing CIS Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, if residing within the United States; or,
        "¢ Applying for an immigrant visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad, if residing outside the United States.
        ...Become a Permanent Resident Based on Investment
        In order to become a lawful permanent resident, eligible investors must file a CIS Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions. Form I-829 must be filed within 90 days before the second anniversary of an Alien Investor's admission to the United States as a conditional resident.
        For a description of the requirements for removal of conditions, see 8 C.F.R. § 216.6.
        Where Do I Apply?
        You should file the CIS Form I-526 at the CIS Service Center having jurisdiction over the area in which the new commercial enterprise will be principally doing business.

        Thanks again...Pasha


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          Still Learning, I appreciate your comments ;-)

          Let's assume we had little misunderstanding that is over now ;-)
          Again, thanks for your comments and please be assured that there is nothing that you need to clarify to me

          The thing about IP is not directed against you personally but is rather a reminder to ALL OF US to be mindful and keep our postings/arguments within the limits of what allowed under the Free Speech.
          Anyone who was involved in heated discussion on the forum will know what I mean.


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            Pasha Patel,
            I have read your question and since it is little too late I will try to answer it right away without making any further research.
            So, I might be wrong and advise youto look it up later on.
            It is my understanding that what you refer to is not an E (nonimmigrant) visa but rather an Employment Based cathegory 5 Immigrant Visa.
            Just like H1B1 is not EB1, E-1/E-2 is not an
            I hope this helps to clarify the issue ;-)


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                Someone12, if what you suggest is the case then I would assume that the original poster is really an EXTRAORDINARY businessman for not being able to adjust or do something about his status for 20 years!
                Even if he hired and petitioned for himself as an unskilled laborer in his business(floor sweeper or paper shredder:-) whatever it might be) he would long ago get his Green Card.
                Now, how likely it is for an OWNER or MANAGING partner of international trade/investment company with all his connections and profit made in all these years NOT to be able to adjust or do something about his status?(for I am sure he made a good profit or otherwise INS would NOT approve his visa reneval requets for 20 years;-)

                He sertainly IS an EXTRAORDINARY man for accomplishing so much in business and next to nothing in his Immigration Case ;-)Such an extraordinary, paradoxical accomplishment may in itself qualify him for an EB-1 Immigrant Visa ;-)

                Also,in his letter he claims that his lawyer is to blame for incompetence that brought him to such a doom yet no Congressman would ever help him.
                That statement seems to be very doubtful.
                I know of Catholic Priest in NY whose Lawyer screwed him up by charging large fee to file his GC application. The Lawyer somehow "forgot" to include his spouse in petition so She became illegal without him(Priest) knowing about that.
                Sometime later he got his GC in the mail and inquired INS about his wife's Perm.Res.
                INS informed him that they never recieved Petition for her.
                Anyway, this guy went to another lawyer, they contacted the Congressional Liasion c-t and one year later, after the involvement of CL his spouse got the GC.
                And there are many examples such as this one.
                Not to say a word about presenting your case to IJ and explaining that you suffer for incompetence of your lawyer.
                But this argument about doomed E Visa should actually be dismissed altogether for there seems to be no Legal Grounds to support the idea that "certain" kind of E Visa is absolutely unadjustable.

                I would also ask IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS in this forum if E Visas existed 20 years ago.
                If someone has info. please let us know.

                If the guy really needs help we should help him.
                If he makes up false stories then we should help readers not to take it seriously.

                Best Regards,


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                  "Welcome to America - land of rules and laws. IF you are unhappy here, pack your bags and return to whatever country you came from."

                  hehehehe, Someone ;-)
                  Here you are PICKING ON ME for critisizing the original poster ;-)
                  How did it enter your mind to blow out your bigotry ON ME?
                  You guys are bunch of pathetic,unhealthy species who seek to have some fun by scapegoating someone who is at disadvantage before you.

                  "Any references to "his" congressman is fallacious because as an "E" visa holder he cannot vote."

                  Your arrogance is fallacious, someone12 ;-)
                  Did you READ my posting before making such statement?
                  Let me remind you:

                  "I know of Catholic Priest in NY whose Lawyer screwed him up by charging large fee to file his GC application. The Lawyer somehow "forgot" to include his spouse in petition so She became illegal without him(Priest) knowing about that.
                  Sometime later he got his GC in the mail and inquired INS about his wife's Perm.Res.
                  INS informed him that they never recieved Petition for her.
                  Anyway, this guy went to another lawyer, they contacted the Congressional Liasion c-t and one year later, after the involvement of CL his spouse got the GC."

                  Don't WHINE,Someone12!

                  If you have a point to argue against my statements-do so.
                  If not-then have a nice day.

                  Good luck ;-)


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                    >who is at disadvantage before you


                    500,000 or so foreigners get GC's a YEAR in this country. LEGALLY.

                    Why don't you ask them how they did it. Where they at a "disadvantage"?

                    You come in my country. You break our laws. You become illegal. And then you blame and whine at me.

                    I should be smacking you is what I should be doing. Consider this an online!

                    -= nav =-


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                      If you have a point to argue against my statements-do so.
                      If not-then have a nice day.

                      Good luck ;-)


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                        To S.12:
                        If you have a point to argue against my statements-do so.
                        If not-then have a nice day.

                        Good luck ;-)


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                          If you have a point to argue against my statements-do so.
                          If not-then have a nice day.

                          Good luck ;-)


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                            I had a nice posting all prepared and it became lost in cyber land.

                            One of the points I made was that Someone12 was referring to original poster when he/she said "Welcome to America - land of rules and laws. IF you are unhappy here, pack your bags and return to whatever country you came from." Someone12 beat me to the board, I knew that he/she would clear that up. E., why do you always take things so personally?

                            The second point was why is it ok for you to say things such as "You guys are bunch of pathetic,unhealthy species who seek to have some fun by scapegoating someone who is at disadvantage before you." but it is not ok for others to express their views and opinions? This thread was not started by you. It is not a thread that was started with one of your articles designed to provoke thought and debate. It is open to everyone. I don't guess I need to quote the Constitution to you?

                            The third point was in regards to "disadvantaged". Who here is disadvantaged? There are many circumstances that could be considered to put someone at a disadvantage. Surely you don't include yourself in that category?

                            [This message was edited by Still Learning on January 29, 2004 at 03:55 PM.]


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                              Hi E ...

                              The reason for me to ask that is read the original post ...

                              "I am a Small Business owner. I have been a small business owner for over 20 years by virtue of an "E" Investor visa issued by the U.S. Department of State"

                              the bottom line here is INVESTOR VISA ....

                              And that was the reason I asked this ... again this guy claims to create jobs for Americans in this country .... And that's what made me think .... Coz investor visa are categorized under Lawful permanent residency / Green card ...

                              He didn't say anything about extraordinary talent or something close to this .....

                              So how come he couldn't get a GC .... He should have gotten it years ago.... I hope original poster comes and answers here... I m confused ....

                              Have a great day...Pasha


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                                LOL @ on line b-i-t-c-h slap ... sometimes you natives slay me


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