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  • g325 question

    the forms ask for residence for the last five years,is this for us address only because below it ask for last address outside the the us of more than 1 year

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    the forms ask for residence for the last five years,is this for us address only because below it ask for last address outside the the us of more than 1 year


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      It is for all addresses during the last five years regardless of country. If you have lived at one address for a year or more outside the U.S. during the last 5 years you will list that address twice, once in the area for residences for the last five years and again in the box below. If you have not lived outside the States during the last five years leave it blank.


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        You have to write all addresses for the last 5 years starting with the present address. If you have spent last five years in the United States then you will have to put some Foreign Address where you had lived for more than a year before coming to the United States.
        Good luck.


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          i lived with my brother for 12 months before i came here,but i dont know if there was any record of me living there.
          do you think there will be any problems,will there be any checks at that address.


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            If you have lived with your brother, then you must mention that period and address in G-325A. Sometimes, Immigration do some random check and in that case it can create a problem for you. So do not try to misrepresent and fill this Form as truthfully as you can.
            Good luck.


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              Actually the G-325A asks for the addresses during the last five years (inside or outside of the U.S.) regardless of the length of that stay in a certain address -- that is to say, if you have been for only two months in a certain address (even if outside the U.S.) within that 5-year time period you should list it there.

              In addition, there's another question below that asks you for the address outside the U.S. where you've lived for more than a year (even if you have been at that address more than 5 years ago.


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                A hypothetical example: 4 years ago you were in your home country and you went on vacation to a another country and stayed in hotel. Do you need to list that "address" as well?


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                  You need not mention that if you have not used as your permanent address for a prolonged period.
                  Good luck.


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                    If you do not mention that I guess the Immigration Officer at the interview will notice the gap in dates and most likely will ask you where you have been during that time period -- besides that, in that case it may be a visa or entry stamp on your passport evidencing you've gone to another country.


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                      You need not mention short stays on G-325A. If your stay is more than couple of months then it should be docketed. Moreover, you just have to mention month and year not actual dates. If you have entered the United States within last 5 years then you must mention your date of entry otherwise you should mention just month and year.
                      Good luck.


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                        Looks like Umesh Passi want to have the last say on everything,,is he really that knowleadgable or just mohan?


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                          Yes, Umesh Passi is that knowledgeable and No, he is not Mohan.

                          Mohan left this board because of such negative responses and I understand this, but Umesh will never leave.

                          He is a very kind hearted, intelligent, and caring person. He only sees the good, not the bad.

                          This board really is so lucky to have such a person as Umesh because many times I have noticed when he does not respond, this board moves very slowly with questions unanswered.

                          My Thanks and Appreciation go out to the "Master" of this board, Umesh, and we really are so happy to have him here with us. He is a very strong and brave man.

                          God Bless Him and God Bless To All of You!


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                            i have been reading the threads on here and now i am concerned reason:
                            i only put my address upto five years i had actually lived there longer,but they only asked for five years.i have already submitted the forms and now i am worried there will be problems.
                            as anybody got any advice for me.
                            i didnt realise i had to put all the years i lived at that address,i just dated it upto five years ago.
                            thanks for any replys.


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                              To concerned :
                              This is an innocent error. You had no intention to commit a fraud on Immigration for gaining any benefit from them.
                              Good luck


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