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    People who already registered earlier this year, do they need to go back next year or what? What is the best source to confirm? Thanks.

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    Yes according to BCIS/INS evry year the same time you went last year.


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      The INS told us to come back after one year, But later the INS cancel the registration process. And they came up with new system called The U.S Visit system, so I'm not sure
      If we have to register again or not may be Mohan or Sammy can explain more.


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        Yes , registration will be every year. This system to put inplace to track people within the country as well as new commers, under old system (also inplace) was the first move for the people who are already here. Once they got the the system inplace , then new Law was introduced to track new entries.
        People who are already here and living here will be tracked by registration , and new visiters or any new entry/departure will be tracked by new Law.
        People can register/interviewed at these location and another link is the post of entries.
        Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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          Thanks Mohan for your explanation. I have another question, If I leave the U.S with Advance Parole do I have to go through the new system (The U.S Visit) or because I
          Will leave and come back with Advance Parole I don't have to register.


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            NSEERS Deadline for Annual Re-Registration Approaching

            The federal government implemented a highly controversial initiative last year called the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System ("NSEERS"). NSEERS requires certain nonimmigrants to be fingerprinted and photographed by the immigration service and imposes certain additional reporting requirements on subject individuals. The program has two principal components: callin
            registration for certain male nonimmigrants (16 years and older) who were admitted to the U.S.
            on or before a certain date; and port of entry registration for other individuals fitting certain profiles who seek admission to the U.S. after September 11, 2002. Pursuant to the call-in program, citizens and nationals from 25 countries were obligated to appear before an immigration officer during staggered call-in registration periods between November 15, 2002, and April 25, 2003. Of the 80,000-plus individuals who appeared for call-in registration, more than 13,000 have been placed in deportation proceedings for immigration status violations while none have been charged with a terrorist-related offense.

            Unfortunately, the NSEERS program did not expire on April 25, 2003, with the close of the last registration period. All individuals who registered under NSEERS are obligated to re-register each year. Such individuals must appear before an immigration official within 10 days of the anniversary of their initial registration (i.e. during the period running from 10 days before to 10 days after the anniversary). Detailed information concerning the annual re-registration requirements can be found on the American Civil Liberties Union website at:

            AILA strongly objects to the NSEERS initiative both in concept and implementation. Styled as a
            national security program, this measure has served only to alienate the very immigrant
            communities from which we need assistance and cooperation in this battle against terrorism. By
            adding tens of thousands of innocent NSEERS registrants to the nation's haystack of security
            concerns, we only diminish our chances of actually identifying real terrorist threats. Among AILA's specific objections to the program are the following: (1) the call-in program lacks
            statutory authority; (2) it profiles immigrants on the basis of religion (24 of the 25 subject
            countries are predominantly Muslim) rather than on the basis of specific suspicious behavior;
            (3) it fails to make us safer and threatens long-term national interests by marginalizing immigrant communities and straining relations abroad; and (4) implementation of the program has failed basic "good government" standards regarding notice, consistency and reasonableness. Encouraging reports in the media indicate that DHS officials have been evaluating the program and may consider eliminating the re-registration requirements. AILA strongly encourages DHS to terminate this failed program and to focus its counterterrorism efforts and resources on
            measures that could actually enhance our safety.



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              USVISIT launch date is Jan 4, 2004. If you leave after that date, I think it will be same as registering before leaving. Once back on AP, you don't need to register...Mohan can clear this one I believe.


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                Hi PA, please e-mail me at:


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                  The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to abandon special registration program. Here is the link to the news.


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