I have a few basic questions about the immigration process that I haven't been able to find answers for on the internet, or the immigration websites. The websites tend to be too "formal" to give accurate answers, so I'll hope I can find a few answers here?...

Currently, I'm a legal UK resident(born in UK), I'm 22, My fiancée is a legal US resident(Clearly born in US) she's 22 and currently she is living US again, they is no chance of her moving due to her having a child.

When she decided it was best to move back to US, we started to look into the Visas and emigrating process, and found quite a bit of information about it. Especially the K1 visas as that one seemed rather suitable.

However; The information found doesn't really give a "dumbed down" clear explanation of everything, a few questions would be?

1. If we applied for the K1 Visa, how long would it typically take to get approved (IE: From sending it off, to getting a response saying I can enter US, and stay for x many days before getting married)

2. While I'm on the K1 Visa, I'm allowed to work, etc, or would I also need another visa to allow that?

3. Once first questions done, and we're married, I' know we have to apply for another Visa (which?), how long would it typically take for the second Visa to get approved?

4. *hmm*, After the K1 visa has expired, and we're married, but also waiting for approval from next visa (Greencard I think?), Am I allowed to work, This is much like question 2

5. I understand that UK/US people are allowed to travel under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program), which means to travel I don't need a Visa, but I'm only allowed to stay for 3 months, this is great if I only planned on visiting then going. But if I'm wanting to stay?... I've read somewhere that the VWP doesn't allow you to apply for "Change in status" - Would this mean, If I planned on travelling to US, I should get a tourist Visa first(Not use VWP), and/or should we just get a apply K1 Visa (Or would I still need a tourist visa?)

6. Again with Visas, If I'm planning on marring the girl not too long after getting into the US, should we really use the K1 Visa? or should I just travel as a tourist, then get hitched within 3 months?

- One of my main concerns with this all, if my ability to work while residing in the US and waiting for the Visas to be approved. The last thing I really want to be doing is, well /nothing/ while I'm waiting for the documents to get approved.

One last question, I've also read that once I'm approved, and I'm granted a greencard, I must carry this with me at all times, What are the consciences if I fail? (IE: I wake up at 6am, throw my cloths on, have a walk to local shops for milk, and get stopped by an officer asking to view it?), Typically is this law enforced and faces some type of punishment, or risk of the card being removed? and would it be more relaxed seeing as I'm from England?
(With no disrespect there, but the odd's of English guy being an illegal immigrant are rather small compared to other country's such as Mexico)

Thanks for your time