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Bushmaster, are you g a y?

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  • Bushmaster, are you g a y?

    What does ILW know about it?

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    Even if I am g a y, does that make any difference? No, I am not.


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      Now that is really smart dummy, asking a question and then replying to yourself... If you are looking for a job, I know a circus manager, they have some openings for "clown" position.
      SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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        You must have worked for that manager quite a bit, Bushmaster, since you know him so well lol


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          dummy, lol!


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            No actually I don't know him at all, we don't have a circus in town, just this one passing thru I know I saw on the paper, they made the local paper about some f a g monkeys escaped from their cages. Do you know them by chance?
            SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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              Hello Bushmaster, Josephine, Sammy, and all others. Just passing through and thought I would say hi. Just got back from meeting my fiance in Milan, Italy. How miraculous and how beautiful it was. I didn't want to return home. They didn't seem to be as racist, as critical, and as closed minded about our different nationalities as Americans are.

              We are now starting the process of filing for the K-1 Visa. I really hope we do not have any problems. He is originally from Morocco and is Muslim. It really is so hard being away from him.

              Bushmaster, I had always thought of you as a good person, so no matter if you were *** or not, you would still be the same good person to me. This is why I have not been on for such a long time because I wrote the everyday and complained about the derogatory posts on here and also reported them to be deleted, but nothing was done, so I just could not support a web site such as this that couldn't support their best members.

              I do hope that all of you are doing well and everything is going good for you.

              God Bless To All of You!

              One Heart


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                Don't worry "One Heart" -- sooner or later ILW will take this thread down...


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                    Good to hear from you, One Heart, we miss you much!


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                      Yep good to hear from you One Heart, Your fiance was an Italian citizen also right? Because he may have to go Morocco to get the visa. I remember reading about this somewhere....

                      Whatever you do, good luck and all the best wishes...

                      Don't worry about the trolls, someone needs to remind them they are dumbest creatures on the face of the earth, heh heh...
                      SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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                        F u c k One Heart!


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                          I think obscene messages like the last one don't have a place on these boards. Please moderator, delete it!


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