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VISA (I-94) for Canadian residents

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  • VISA (I-94) for Canadian residents

    I am canadian resident and got visa from USA consulate at Toronto few days ago. Last weekend when i was travelling to USA at the border they gave me I-94 and stamped my passport for 6 months and told me return my I-94 to a canadian post when i leave USA. But my questions are:

    1. Since I am here only for weekend, do i have to turn in my I-94 when i leave (tomorrow) or when it expires in 6 months?

    2. If i have to turn in my I-94 when i leave (tomorrow), and plan to travel soon (next month) or frequently in the future. Do i have to get I-94 every time i cross the border?


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    Yes, the I-94 must be returned, especially if you are making frequent trips. Frequent trips are a red flag, but the I-94 will serve as proof that you intend to leave the U.S. once your business, etc. is concluded.

    Yes, get an I-94 everytime. The length of time on the I-94 is irrelevant once you leave.


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      to morales or anybody else!

      i went to usa (as a canadian resident) and came back in a week even though i have 3 mos I-94, and I did not return my I-94 while coming back, because i am going back again in 1 month and i thought they told me to turn it (I-94) in when it expires and get another one if needed. now from your respose to the Sonia's questions above, i am totally confused. any suggestion about what should i do?



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        can any body help me with this? please!



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          i don't understand what you don't understand??
          I-94 is given to you when you entry the county and should be returned when you leave it!
          I-94 is not a visa! which you keep till it is expires!
          I-94 is an entry document!


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            where one should return their I-94 when they are coming back (to Canada thru border)? To the Candadin post or have to stop by at american post?



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              You have to be very careful about accepting advise from this forum especially from persons that do not have first hand experience.

              In answer to your question about the I-94:

              - You don't have to get a new I-94 every time
              you enter the USA. How do I know ?, because
              I've being traveling to the USA for the past
              4.5 years and using the same I-94 until its
              expiry date. In fact the INS officer told me
              that I did not have to turn in the I-94 if I
              intent to enter the USA prior to the expiry

              - To return the I-94 you can give it to the
              Canadian Customs Officer or you can mail it
              to the INS at Mississauga, Ontario via
              register mail. How do I know ?, because I
              done both.

              Good Luck


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                Thank you Toronto007. You are absolutley right. Lot of people in this forum don't have the real experience. I thought the the INS officer told me the same thing when they issued me I-94.

                But i have another question, which is, if my I-94 expeires, can i renew it in the local INS office? or i must come back to toronto and get anoether one at the border while travelling back? How flexible are they (at the border) about issuing another I-94?

                If you don't mind you can write me these thru my email:
                That way i can ask you if needed to know any thing else regarding travelling to USA. Seems you have very good experience about it.

                Thanks again


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                  Hi Sonia,

                  I cannot give you any advise on renewing a I-94 at a local INS office since I've never done it myself, I can only tell you what I've experienced; however, I've read somewhere that you able to do so.

                  However, I do know that you do not need a new
                  I-94 everytime you visit, provided it is valid. With respect to flexibility, I've never experienced any difficulty in having another I-94 issued to me. Besides, if you are admitted to enter then one will be issued in almost all cases. Regarding returning to Canada before the
                  I-94 expires, that would be the wise thing to do.

                  Another suggestion is that you could enter the USA just before the I-94 expires, for example I would enter when my I-94 will be valid for less than the duration of my stay, in that way you will have one issued to you again, since the expiring I-94 proves that you did not overstay on it and it looks good on your intention.

                  One more thing, someone mentioned that frequent trips raises a red flag, DON'T BELIEVE IT. I know cause I travel to the USA alot and often, infact the INS did not issued me a I-94 in over 1 year since they have all my information on file.

                  Good Luck


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                    Thank you Toronto007. You are a very nice person.


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                      Sonia, let me **** ya, c u n t!


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                        Sonia, let me F U C K ya, c u n t!


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