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Question about travel to PR

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  • Question about travel to PR

    Hi all, I was just wondering if it's possible for an indocumented individual to travel to Puerto Rico from mainland US and be able to come back without needing a passport or visa. Would a flight to Puerto Rico be considered a domestic flight? Usually when I fly within the states they only require you to have a government issued ID (a driver's license for ex.), but I'm not sure if PR is considered a domestic flight. Thanks to all....even to those who will surely reply with hateful messages. :-)

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    I have got the same dilemma.
    I am out of status and want to trvel to Purto Rico for vacation. I have a valid U.S. driver licence to prove my idetification. I have spoken to some out of status people who have travelled to PR and back to the U.S. without any problem.
    Anybody has any input or experience???


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      I saww on TV not long ago, two argentine guys that went to PR, were undocumented and were unable to get back to US soil, instead they were flown directly to Argentina.

      However, a long time ago passengers did not have to go thru immigration screener in Puerto Rico but now you do.

      Why would you risk, when you have Miami Beach to go for a vacation.

      But don't take my words, do more research, I would not risk.


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        There is no immigration screening for PR. It's an *unofficial* US state. You're hearing nothing but rumors.

        -= nav =-


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          The last time I went to PR was before 9/11, but they still did have a "Department of Justice" screening at the San Juan airport. There was a guy at a "Department of Justice" podium, and he asked us a question or two. They didn't ask *us* for any documents, but neither does immigration most times I enter the country (I am white and speak without an accent). I agree- I wouldn't risk it. Hawaii, however, did not have any immigration presence at all, although the security there was rediculous. BTW- the airlines were following international flight rules- we lost our reservations 30 minutes before flight time, and had to go on the next flight. I *know* it is within the U.S., but you try arguing the fourth ammendment to the DOJ checkpoint guy and see if it gets you through any faster...


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