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    yes I need to look at some examples of hardship
    as seen by the INS.
    The big ordeal now is that I am scared to death that if I try to file again and submitt a new
    waiver this may trigger a deportation..
    because right now the INS are doing nothing about my file...they do no even want to send me a notice to appear in front of an IJ because according to all the lawyers that I saw they said that the INS will loose the case...My lawyer wants to retrieve the file before filing again and I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that the INS won't react negatively...
    anyone know how this thing happens ? do they send you a notice or do they just come to your house and get you (OOPS)...isn't that enough hardship
    for the INS ?????lol YEAH it's sad but funny at the same time...please any opinion will be welcome...or any one with the same experience...
    Mohan what do you think of this one ?

    thank you all and have a nice week endddddddd


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      Don't worry too much

      I believe that there is what they call inquiry about your case, your lawyer can send this form to release your information (Freedom Information Act or something) not sure, but you can look on the forms they have in the web site.

      Absconder list is the list of names who have final deportation order and failed to depart. And they are in the priority being pickup by INS.

      Take care and God bless.


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        thank you so much freind for your reply

        Good luck and god bless you...


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          I don't think they will come and deport you right away. You are the wife of USC and kids who are USC. That's the reason why you are untouchable because you are standing in a gray area of the law. But as long as you are working, no problem . Just keep on pushing your case. They might just get tired of this and they will just let you go. They have more problems with other immigrants, yours, this is human nature , we will do whatever for survival and to be with our family.Have you heard about Atty. Shusterman? I heard he is very expensive, he won't tell me how much he charge but only asked me to deposit $1,500.00 and that was 3 years ago. How could I pay him I have no work permit. That time he only charge $250.00 per telephone consultation.
          He is very good, he used to be INS atty. so he knew any answer to any question. Besides , most of INS officers are his buddy so they won't give him a hard time.He didn't tell me this but I just presume.
          We'll pray that Gephart's proposal will be passed ASAP because this the only chance for most of us to move on.


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            Hi Unlucky,

            No never heard of Shusterman sorry...but that's a good idea to look for an attorney who was an INS attorney..I was looking for someone like that. but these guys are a way expensive.
            While I was doing my research you know, I did not care about how much the consultation costs...even 300 dolars an hour it's ok..know why ? at least you got to meet the best lawyers in town and you are sure to get the best advice...and I keep asking one about the other just to have an idea how good they are...
            then hiring a laywer is a different story.
            so once I went to almost all this expensive guys, I saw that they all agreed on one thing..which is file again and submitt another I-601...There were a lot of similarities in all what they all said.
            then by the end when I had to make up my mind I went to one I can afford...but one that I really liked have to like your lawyer or otherwise forget it...she sounds really good...she said the same thing as all these expensive lawyers...and she is really eager to take my case...she asked me for 2500 dolars to file my AOS and another 3500 for the waiver...which is costly..but she is
            also ready for monthly payment...I think it's faire since my case has been going on for 5 years .
            which state are you in unlucky ?
            have a good sunday


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              ey unlucky.

              could you please precise what's gephards proposal?


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                You know what I'm not really paying attention to details about that proposal.But I remember, there's a proposal for AOS to those who came here illegally, undocumented , violated their status etc., provided you have been in the US for 5 years and could pass background check and could show proof that you have been working at least 2 years. And if you lied in your application, you will be penalized either by paying a fee or being denied with your application.
                This is just a proposal but this will be pushed by the Democrats. I don't know if this go tho' because most of these politicians are only after for re-election, once elected they won't do about it anymore. With the political situation right now I doubt it. BTW, you can see the transcript at - click on "Earned legalization.......etc .
                BTW, if you are paying this much why don't you just go for Shusterman? I was reading about him and his accomplishments, man , he is good. If I have money I'll go for him. Why don't you just try him first for initial consultation. He will tell you right away if he can do something about it. He is very meticulous but always in a hurry. I don't want to be rude but just curious, How much does she want for a deposit to start on your AOS? Is there any payment arrangement available? I've talked to a lawyer and we will meet tomorrow. She charged me $1,500.00 and $500.00 / mo.and still negotiable if money is tight.
                While I was reading Shusterman's chat, he mentioned similar situation like yours and getting waivers are very easy and mostly are approved. I have the feeling INS are playing games with us. When they posted the cases re- I-601, they never mentioned any approved case, Oh , I'm sorry there was one but that's it. According to Shusterman, most of his I-601 are approved.
                Go to and let me know what you think.


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