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      So lets see.. are u saying a month ago everything was ok and 751 signed, and now after signing everything is not ok and u want to split hmmmm what do u think folks

      Now seriously,Did you have any idea that she is possibly homosexual and if so can u prove it? Did you know for fact when u married she was this way? And if you are looking for a fight tonight .. is this so u can look for a police report for abuse from spouse and look to get a PFA? if answer is yes, then I say you have done your homework, and plan B is in place.

      About 1/3 of i751 are pulled for interview. Some random, some for suspicion, some for lack of documention etc. you never know, its a roll of the dice.

      so tell me.... "DO You feel Lucky"


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        I have a lot of ******* friends. I stay overnight at their houses when I visit them, as they live far away. We go out, get drunk, walk home, sleep it off. No hanky panky, we just like to party once in a while. DOES NOT MAKE ME A *******.
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          Maybe you could steal some silverware on your way out! You are feeling betrayed & hurt but your thinking of sticking her family with student loans as some way of exacting revenge, is not thinking right. You want a pound of flesh as compensation for being hurt? This type thinking will poisen you


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            I have explained you in detail all your choices I do not get why you came to the board again to ask the same question.


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              whats the problem? you a lucky man JohnDoe. Every man is looking for a bisex-ual wife and YOU GOT IT. BE HAPPY! enjoy it. JOIN IN.

              p.s. if you get a change...record it and pass it on.


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                John Doe:

                The will not be responsible for your student loans. I thought my wife's family would be for mine, but after doing the proper research I found out that they will not.

                The affidavit of support they filed on your behalf is only for public benefits and student loans are not public benefits for USCIS.

                Also, if you name your wife or any of her family members on your MASTER PROMISARY NOTE FOR LOANS, they are only required there in case you dissappear so they can call them and locate you they will not be liable for any oustanding balance.

                It is good to heard different opinions, but in this occasion it is different because nobody will advise you better than someone who is going through what you are going. Also many people give advice without knowing USCIS interpretations and decisions on this cases.
                It is very important that you get going to reach the requirements to apply for more than one waiver.


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                  They will never get your money but you can't forget of ever coming back to the US.

                  JUS DOCUMENT YOUR EMOTIONAL ABUSE FROM YOUR WIFE and then you can have peace of mind, if you want I can email you an expert in your area that can analyze your situation and if you qualify write a report for you.


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                    Hey.. I was looking for ur story and couldnt find it. was it unser another name before? In anyway, I feel for you because it truly sounds like you are in an emotional abuse situation. Just document everything, and whatever you do , do not get into any type of physical altercations with her!! everything you do from this point on you will have to think before reacting. If all goes well , I see no reason that you would have to leave the country. Besides, if u leave.... who's gonna pay those student loans


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                      is this ******* good looking? Can someone say 3some??!!

                      -= nav =-


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                        REAL l e s b i a n s will NOT have threesomes with men!
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          wow!!!cant believe it...lot of people have same kind of problems...wish u all the best JohnDoe...can you please give me ur previous ID cuz i didnt find any of ur previous posts...i would like to read them...I appreciate it...Pasha

                          one more thing please let us know about your service center is Texas too....let me know where can i find your previous posts...thank you. Pasha

                          [This message was edited by Pasha Patel on November 17, 2003 at 03:17 PM.]

                          [This message was edited by Pasha Patel on November 17, 2003 at 03:18 PM.]


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                            It is so disgusting and shameful to know how some people can even think to take the advantange of another human beings' kindness
                            for their own sake. Just because your [JohnDoe] marriage won't work or not working, even though your wife is in fault for that, or just because you won't receive your status in US because of that, then it doesn't mean that you won't need to fulfull your moral obligations toward another human beings. Your wife or her family-member relied
                            upon you and guaranted that loan for YOUR SAKE, and she even filed the AOS paper for you to live here, and that's how you gonna pay her back, or want to take your revenge just because she won't want to sponsor you anymore for your residency. As you know-she was not even obligated to you at first place for those loans, but she did it anyhow to help you out, and that's how you will try to even with her. Very good, bravo! I know understand that why people are so much talking about alien's mentality. I know that ALL aliens are not same like yours, but the people like yours are giving bad name to other aliens.

                            Always remember- "what goes around, always comes around". Everyone pays the price of their deeds over here in this world, instead of in hell or heaven. If you won't pay her back what you are supposed to, then you would pay those money anyhow somewhere, one way or another, maybe more. Taking somebody's bad wishes or putting somebody in pain, God will never let you have peace in your life, and I remember you saying about having a peace in your life, right? If you really want to pay back, then you don't need to be in America, instead whereever you would be, you can still pay to her towards those loan if you really would want to pay. Anyhow, isn't it you are talking about being in Canada or Australia or maybe in your country, so obviously you would work no matter what, then you can still make the payment towards those loans if you want to. Even though you don't want to return to US ever if you were deported, then still being a nice human beings, you can keep your morals up. Just because your wife could not keep her morals [as what you are saying], it doesn't mean that you have to be like her. If a human being will behave like animals then what would be the differences between human beings and animals. I think you can do better than her, right?

                            As far as her sexual preference goes, then it still doesn't make her a wrong person. Some people do realize about it later than earlier. She might be curious before, but now coming out of shadow. You should respect her for whatever she decides in her life, but it is seemed that you want to blame her for everything just because you can not get your residency thru her. I bet if you would have your residency already, then you won't be talking about her life or other stuffs, instead would be thinking about having threesome with her and her girlfriend, who ever she is. Always remember- Humanity is over than residency. Maybe not to you, but that's how I was raised- with MORAL VALUES.


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                              John Doe:

                              I couldn't have said it better than Sammy did. The fact is that IF one's spouse is a ******* or otherwise, that is not a reason to expect immigrant status from her. After all, had you know that she was ******* before marriage - you must ask yourslef _ would I have married her anyway.

                              If answer to that question is no, then why expect anything from the marriage?


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