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    Gooooooooo Sammy!

    "Hey about leaving here, why would I want to come back after I have got the $$?" That's just lovely....

    This board is SO enlightening!


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      I can't say that I'm in the same situation as JohnDoe but I'm in a similar one:
      I filed (I-751) together with my wife (USC) in November. We've been having problems for a while and looks like we will be getting a divorce (we have been married and living in US for 3 1/2 yrs). What steps do I need to take to protect my chances for getting the conditions lifted?
      I went to USICS and got an extension for a year. I asked the person that stamped my passport what should I expect going forward and he said I would receive something by the summer. Looking at this site makes me beleive that that is highly unlikely and that I should make plans for being divorced before I receive an adjudication. This situation is nerve racking! I'm an honest professional that just wants to continue living in the states.


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        Hi Tommy

        sorry about your troubles. Was this November 2002 or November 2003. The time factor depends on the Service Center where the 751 was filed.

        What serv. Center did you file with? Vermont appears to be the longest wait with a 19-22 month backlog.


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          Having read all of the posts about divorce while I751 is pending, you should understand by now, that if you have the bona fide evidence of a good faith marriage, should your case be called up for review and you are not yet divorced, Aguila has posted comprehensive information as to the procedures in place for you to pursue your immigration cause.

          Of course remaining married until the case has been adjudicated is the safest route, but I, for one, would never recommend such, as it is not the appropriate reason to stay together. However, there are many here who disagree with me.

          Good luck.


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            Thanks 4Now and Swissnut for noticing my post.
            I filed with the VSC in Nov 2003.

            I don't think that I will stay married waiting for the adjudication.

            I got married in good faith. Everyone that knows us can attest to this. In order to solve the difficult economic situation we had sunk in (CC Debt), I decided to take a well-paying job in another state and I ended up spending most of 2003 away from her. This helped us sort things out emotionally but it also helped us see that we were not meant to be together. At this moment, she wants to take a job outside of the US and is thinking of making this move in the next few months.

            I think, based on what I've seen in other posts, that I must file for divorce, get it done with, and file an amendment to the I-751.

            I think the chances that the I-751 gets adjudicated within the next 6 months are one in a million.

            Do you agree that that is what I should do?
            Are my chances good for an approval of the I-751 waiver?
            How does it look that I spent so much time apart last year? Will they ask about this?
            What proofs should I provide to show a bona-fide marriage other than the ones I already submitted with I-751:
            Joint Checking, Joint Credit Card, Lease for our apt, Fotos of our wedding with entire family and friends, Fotos of us in many places around the US, etc.

            Thanks for your attention.


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              So, you want to get a divorce simply because you realized that "it wasn't meant to be?" What about "for better or for worse?" Did that mean anything to you? Just because you don't feel head-over-heals in love anymore, you want to run away?
              Have a nice day


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                It must have been God's will that they get divorced.


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                  Irri, that wasn't nice.


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                    I would get a video camera and tape my ******* wife having ***. I would love a woman like that.


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                      I have not heard of anyone getting 751 approved in less than 19 months. sorry.


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                        Was that

                        "tape my r u s h i n g wife having f u n .

                        So hard to do things when u r in a hurry


                        is that irri?


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                          D.a.m.n. straight and I'm back. What do you need 4now?


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                            4now, no, it's not a few posts and you'll figure it out.


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                              What do you mean? Ask me anything - I can prove it.


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                                Ok, Irritated2, I've a couple of questions for you.

                                Let's see how good you are!!!


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