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    If you want a quick answer to why so many Americans are sick of illegal immigration, just scroll down your own list here. Count how many people have broken the law already. All we get from Mexico is baby machines, gang bangers, criminals, drunks, and people too stupid to learn our language. Go too any emergency room in CA. and you will find it over flowing with all of the above. And even though you will deny it with out looking up the TRUE facts, you are draining our system dry. Stay home. Or come legally and obey our laws. Then you will be welcome. Otherwise we don't want you. Does the INS ever visit this board? They could get a look at how these people try and get around our laws.

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    So what do yo propose?


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      We need to more strictly enforce our deportation laws. There's nothing "insensitive" about expecting immigrants to immigrate LEGALLY. Every country in the world has immigration laws and, if you want to go somewhere else as an illegal alien, you'd be GONE in a New York minute!

      This citizens of this country have a RIGHT to know who is here, how they came, their background, and to have their fingerprints. We don't need people who sneak across the border, change their names, and use false IDs. FRAUD IS A CRIME HERE AS WELL AS IMMIGRATING ILLEGALLY. So is driving with no license, filing no tax returns, and a score of other laws that far too many illegal aliens IGNORE.

      To them and their kind we should have sympathy! I think NOT


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        I'm a US citizen and my country is going to the dogs because of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Fortunately, 86% of Americans want to see this country sovereign, respected, preserved, and protected and they agree with ME, not you.


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          If not illegal aliens:
          - Who would clean your supermarkets between 00:00 and 8:00 AM?
          - who would demolish your old houses?
          - who would do asbestos work?
          - who would do construction work for 6$/hour or babysitting your children or senior citizens for 7$/hour 24hour non-stop?
          - who would work on farms for 5$/hour to deliver to your house cheap vegetables or fruits?
          - who would work in meat factories to deliver to your table chicken that costs 59C/pound?

          Who............. only cheap illegal immigrants!


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            You are the ones who are destroying our country. We Americans are lazy that is why the immigrants are here. If we did not have immigrants I would not have people working with me. Check how many of us are living in Trailer Park and on welfare.
            We have to be realistic


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              Dave has a point - we Americans are very spoiled and not as willing to perform manual labor as others. We are fortunate here, and because the US offers so much opportunity, and we Americans look higher than just mere survival. Instead of fighting each other, which is futile anyway, why not work together to blast Congress out of the water with our complaints, whatever they may be? The time spent arguing on this forum could be spent telling our representatives to get their act together and do something. I sent off twenty five letters this morning on the way to work, one to Elizabeth Dole of NC. She's campaigning for Congress but has yet to mention any immigration issues. It felt good to sock it to them all!


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                C'mon. You claim to be Americans, but you evidently don't know much about America's labor force. Have you ever heard of a coal miner? A steel worker? A mill worker? Longshoreman? Rubber plant worker? Refinery worker? Iron worker? etc. etc.

                These are a mere FEW of the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs in this country, with the highest levels of employment-related injuries and deaths on the job. You can do the research yourself.

                On top of that, these jobs are necessary and most time thankless -- while we can do without landscapers and cleaning people with no economic loss whatsoever. When you say that Americans are spoiled, you're not talking about average Americans, which are the majority. Average Americans don't have nannies, landscapers, and errand boys -- they do that work themselves.

                Even if they did have those "spoiled" kind of luxuries, Linda, there are not ELEVEN MILLION of those jobs availabe, to give every illegal alien a free pass and a job that will ever pay them more than the healthcare costs they get for free.


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                  I do not understand why you American people insist that we illegal people get healhcare for free. You don't even have any idea about it. If you don't have legal documents you can not get medical or healthy families or any kind of free insurance which is privilege for legal people. We can not get also welfare because it is the same thing. You should understand that you are not giving us anything, but job. The only money we can get from USA is our wage which is the recompense for our hard work. AMERICAN DON'T GIVE US FREE HEALTHCARE OR WELFARE OR FOOD STAMPS. ALL OF THOSE BENEFITS ARE FOR LEGAL PEOPLE. IF WE GET SICK WE HAVE TO PAY A LOT. WE HAVE TO WORK BECAUSE WE DON'T HACE ACCESS TO WELFARE OR UNEMPLOYMENT. GOT IT?


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                    Hey guest1 - who pays for all of your children who are born in the US? Huh? Did you fork out $9000-$12,000 for a child born in the US? I doubt it. Some kind of Medicare (and taxpayers) picked up the tab - and we are tired of it. So spare us the whining and go back to whatever place you came from.


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                      This whole chat room has become a joke.
                      People are asking for real advice and not idiotic self serving lectures.
                      get real and back to the purpose of this website


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                        Ok real guest 1. If you are asking me that. Tell me where is all of the money that government collect for taxes, social security and medicare that immigrant people never claim. They never get a refund at the end of the year. They never claim retirement and not even medicare. For your information I am legal here and I have insurance from my work that pays for my bills. I don't know what money are you talking about. First you should analice how much immigrant people is producing instead of say that they are taking the money from your country. Like that you just show how ignorant some americans like you are.


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                          Janiss "why WE don't want you here" WE? WE??? SPEAK FOR YOUSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            Speak for yourself Jannis - I am enjoying the fact that I can employ immigrant workers - I have my business to run. Jannis if I am short staffed will you come and work for me on the graveyard shift. The answer will be "no I have to do this and I have to do that". We need to get in touch with reality. I do not hire illegal immigrants and the immigrant workers are happy for jobs and I am happy to employ them


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                              To Guest: I am talking about ILLEGALS; perhaps you should have "analiced" what I wrote before responding in an uninformed manner. You still did not answer the statement about who pays for the illegal aliens' babies. Think about it.


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