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Chances of section 245(i)

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  • Chances of section 245(i)

    Can someone tell me what are the chances President Bush will come up with another section 245(i) ? Thanks.

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    Can someone tell me what are the chances President Bush will come up with another section 245(i) ? Thanks.


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      Call me a cynic, but I think that will only happen if he starts slipping in the election polls to Democrats. The latino community is becoming a poweful votinh minority and granting amnesty to the huge number of illegal aliens in the US works in his favor. For now he is still popular due to the war.


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        Recently a White House spokesman had mentioned that the President has asked both house to extend 245(i) and he has promised to sign it. Just wait and see what the Congress does in coming days.
        Good luck.


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          Bush will. He knows that if he is going to get a minority on the republican side, it will be the latinos. Latinos tend to be more conservative and family-oriented. They are predominatly catholic, pro-life, pro-marriage, and many of them are small business owners. This means that they will be the easiest to bring to the republican side. Many of them are swing voters. It is not a long shot. Don't you think they look at the demographics of this country? They know what they are doing. If they can get thier relatives legalized, then they will be happy. The people who get legalized will eventually become voting citizens and they are not going to just blow off what the republicans did for them. Many people just automatically assume that republicans are anti-minority, but it's not true. They realize that they need to get these people legalized so that they won't continue to break laws. More legalized people=more taxpayers and eventually more voters. Legalized people will be more likely to begin the assimilation process into mainstream American culture. They will be more likely to venture out of thier enclaves, learn English, and do thier part to contribute to our economy. It is not crazy to think that Bush is pro-latino. It makes all the sense in the world.


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            Umesh, you really know a lot of things about immigration. I commend you for that.

            Is the congress talking about this right now?


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              245i will be opposed by law-abiding citizens nationwide who oppose rewarding people for breaking the law.


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                Hey Singh or what ever your name is I thought you were going for good back you your stinky India.


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                    "The earth is the Lords' and everything in it..."
                    Generations will come and go, we have to love one another, this land is a blessed land full of opportunities.


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                      deport illegal aliens


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