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american embassy london refuses entry

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  • american embassy london refuses entry

    English couple Deported 1996,lived in U.S.A.1983-1996 Successful business, paid taxes,health ins.
    only son attended private school made President list, honour society,attended Auburn University,as a foreign student although offers of numerous scholarships(high sat scores)Graduated Batcherlor Science Building engineering.
    LPR since 1998.Generated into the economy of U.S.A througout our years, $20,000 amnesty tax.Retained 5 alternative's paid in file.Granted alien extraordinary ability October 96.Processing interview charged fraud & misrepresentation entering as tourists. Instructed to apply for form I-212.granted Sept 1998. Embassy denys visa accustions of blatant disrespect to the immigration laws. Irrespective of our 3 visits of 90 day's visiting our son. Attended INS Miami offices 2-day interview trying to resolve these issues to no avail. London Embassy states we're perminately barred from entering America. We're law-abiding citizens, established charity for the blind disabled&physically challenged.Our partron the R.Honourable Sir Peter Lloyd M.P.has been our advocate these past harrowing years. Most recent supporter Mr Hancock M.P. accuses the Emabassy of mal-administratin of the worst order.Lost our house, successful expanding business, lives savings forced to live on benefits here in England through my husbands numerous heart attacks due to stress and anxiety. Refused voluntary deportation, phone calls,accountant,and no personal effects, returned wearing Florida summer wear,to cold English winter weather. Homeless, both my parents deceased. Please could you explain how to resolve these issues with the Embassy.

    Desperately Yours
    Jacqueline Sturgeon

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    You are barking at the wrong tree.The proper office to ventilate your grievances is the State Department.I understand that they have office that would look into your situation.The only problem is that almost always they take side of their consular officer.Start documenting on how this thing started,get the name of the officers and maybe,maybe you can find some chances of DOS reviewing your case. best of luck.


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      But how did you come into the US? On a visitor's visa or on an immigrant visa? Do you all have your green cards?


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        It looks like you lied the first time you got a visa in the 80' stayed 15 years! Why is the consulate supposed to believe you now? Your credibility is non existant. The Dept of State will only look into matters of law, not fact. If you don't qualify based on the facts, well, that is the way it goes. Perhaps you should have thought about this in 1996.


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          any update over here


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            you said charged for fraud and misrepresentation. what kind ? Usually they are waivers for misrepresentation. how come you did not file for one ?
            were out of state since 1983 to 1996 ?
            Please explain more so someone can try and help you.


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              In 1983 you started the problem - you knowingly entered the US as a tourist. You blatently broke the law but got away with it until 1996.
              What do you expect.
              Why did you not do things properly in the first place.
              There are millions who have applied correctly waiting to live in the US what gives you the right to by-pass the rules.
              I am afraid you got what was coming to you.
              America only needs immigrants that can abide by the rules.


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                Jacqueline, sorry to hear about your story. But unfortunatly it will be rather difficult to gain legal entry into the U.S. after a successfull removal. Usually the barr is anythere from 5/10/20 years or permanently. Unless you qualify for a waiver and that would depend on the circumstances, connections et. al.

                The chances may be better if your child gains U.S. citizenship.

                It was partially my understanding that you'd been able to "visit" the U.S. even after being removed (Sept. 1998, Miami etc.)? If so, you could use those references to show that you're "rehabilitated" in respect to the overstay issues that is now hunting you.

                Major law changes would be necessary to make it possible for a couple like yourselfs to enter the U.S. legally after such a significant removal.

                By the way, the embassy is under the direction of the State Deprt., for a legal entry back to the U.S. post removal you need the expressed permission of the Attorney General though (BCIS). Have your child see what he can do from that part... Good luck!


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                  ..."we are law abiding citizens..." now let's
                  see...when you applied for tourist visas you told the embassy you were going to the US for a short visit, not 13 years (lie #1), that you were not going to work (lie #2); when you arrived in the US you told INS you were coming to visit (lie#3) INS admitted probably for 3 or 6 months and instead of leaving, you stayed...and stayed....and stayed....and stayed, in VIOLATION of our, please explain how these lies and misrepresentations and violations of US law makes you "law abiding." There must be a different meaning of this phrase in dictionaries printed in the UK.....has it dawned on you that you are not likely to be rewarded for your "abiding by our laws"????


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                    Can i have your successful business?


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