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Can somone explain the difference between an employer sponsoring you for work and sponsoring you for PR.

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  • buttertool7
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    I heard that there was a new procedure in which you can have your employer file for and H-1 and you,not your employer, can simultaneously apply for a green card.

    Is this true or am I missing something?

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    1a. The employer can sponsor for an H1 or a green card right away, whatever they want.
    1b. The employer has to sponsor you.

    2. yes

    3. The process for getting an H1 is much quicker, and less complicated than the process of PR. Getting a green card through employment can take several years.

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  • Can somone explain the difference between an employer sponsoring you for work and sponsoring you for PR.

    I apologize if my question seems foolish: I do not know enough about INS laws. However, with your help that will be remedied.

    I understand an employer can sponsor you to work in the US (like a HB-1) and he/she can also sponsor you for Permanent Residency.

    My questions are the following:

    1.(a) Does the employer have to sponsor you to work before he/she can sponsor you for PR?
    (b) Can you, personally, apply for PR after you employer sponsors you, or does it have to be you employer.

    2. Can your employer directly sponsor you for PR?

    3. If an employer can do both, does the INS have different requirements for work and PR?

    Thank You!
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