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Three and Ten Year Ban (and parole?)

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    KBB, well said! Very realistic! I do not know however why you are saying your husband will need a waiver - if you're an USC he can apply for green card immediately even if he has overstayed his visa.


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      To Visitor: Who the --ck are you to decide which laws are "reality" and which aren't? If you are part of a modern society that establishes rules and laws via an elected body and yet you feel you should get to decide which laws to obey, well, get the --ck out of the US. You are too stupid to be here. Have you no pride in America? (if you are a citizen - what a ghastly thought)
      You are missing the boat completely.
      If 260 million Americans decided tomorrow to obey only the laws they liked, and ignored or broke others, well, I hope they start by breaking and entering your house, stealing all of your stuff, and whatever else they feel like doing while you do what???? Call the police? Why? These people are just breaking the laws they don't believe are right so what are you going to do about it?
      What a moron you are. Consider moving to Antarctica or maybe another planet and begin your own hopeless society.
      If you don't like the laws we have, then write your elected officials - you do NOT, repeat NOT have the right to break the laws you do not believe in without penalty.
      I hope the overstayers and illegal workers arrive at your workplace, steal your job (though it is hard to imagine what kind of job an idiot could have) and move into your house, and eat your food, and maybe drive your car around without insurance and cause an accident - sticking you with the bill.


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        Juju - as always I am with you 100%. A grassroots effort is exactly what is needed along with awareness of the situation!!!!!

        elections here are just ending, but maybe with any luck we can make this an issue by the next election (2 years)... tell me what you think we need to do. I have written a letter to my congressperson and sent out emails to my friends asking them to do the same.

        I am willing to do anything else that is necessary... and frankly, if by the end of next year, I don't have word about our waiver or hear that it was turned down, there is a very good chance that I will handcuff myself to the fence surrounding the white house (and I am not completely joking.)

        Maybe we can organize a demonstration?????


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