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    Maria, posetite ety stranichky, ne pozhaleete!
    I ran into some stories like yours there & girls on the forum always helped with good advice.
    Ydachi! Vstretimsya na forume/


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      "I want to live here instead of where I come from" is not a good enough reason to be granted residency in the U.S. If it were, there would be trillions ~ literally TRILLIONS of people ~ from all over the world coming here to live and work at McDonald's. How does one afford car insurance, health insurance, a family physician, babysitters for the kids, maintenance, and the general cost of living in the U.S.A. without assistance from welfare (which an immigrant cannot receive) or some form of charity while working at McDonald's?

      Also, working at McDonald's for how long? How many years can Maria survive at a low wage job (all her life?) without a catastophe? McDonald's was designed for America's students and other temporary help, and that's precisely why no one meets even poverty level while working there.


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        Thank all of you, guys, for your help.
        I don't know how to appreciate you. You are really helpful for me.
        I've got few good news. I spoke with attorney. She said, that I could not be deported, because I came in US legaly. Even if he'll get divorse, I wouldn't be deported, because he still responsible for us (he sponsored us as a fiance).
        What about documents? I, honestly, don't know. Maybe somebody will help me or, like my attorney said: I can get remarried again.
        What about "Assuming" & "to N":
        I want to tell you, guys, few things.
        I've asked a question in this page: "How can I stay in US?", but NOT:"What will be better for me: stay in US or come back home?"
        "Assuming", what country you from? Let me explain the differents between life as a single mom with SKILLs in US & life as a single mom with SCILLs in my birth country: There is no education if you don't have money, there is no job at all(not only a good job) to get this money. Even if you have a 4-degree education, you have to pay "crazy" money to get some job.
        The poor people in US have full refrigerator, over there people think how to make money for the next meal. And I DID look over my shoulder all my life, because of murderers & robbers.
        Maybe I wouldn't have a life, but my SCILLs would.
        "to N"
        What about " working in McDonald's" & " how long MARIA can survive at a low wage job without catastrophe" ?
        Maybe I'll find something else. I am an artist also as my kids and american people love art.


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          Maria, I'm from Houston TX, and I believe there's a way for you to get your residency!..I believe that I watched TV about 1 year ago, and it happened that what i saw was that, if you at some point get physically abused by your husband, and if you got hit or something like that, you can call the police and tell them that you have a situation of domestical abuse from your husband; and the police report will be the only thing that will help you to get your legal status (residency) thru an immigration lawyer!...I hope you could get some further info with some lawyer!...


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