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for Bushmaster or anyone...IBIS

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  • for Bushmaster or anyone...IBIS

    could you please tell me what is exactly IBIS ?
    IS it a new system ? how new ??

    God bless youuuuuuuu

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    could you please tell me what is exactly IBIS ?
    IS it a new system ? how new ??

    God bless youuuuuuuu


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      This is an earlier post by Bushmaster - IBIS

      IBIS is the acronym for the Interagency Border Inspection System.

      I am quoting the necessary information...

      Who Uses IBIS?

      In addition to the U.S. Customs Service and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), law enforcement and regulatory personnel from 20 other federal agencies or bureaus use IBIS. Some of these agencies are the FBI, Interpol, DEA, ATF, the IRS, the Coast Guard, the FAA, Secret Service and the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, just to name a few. Also, information from IBIS is shared with the Department of State for use by Consular Officers at U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

      What Does IBIS Provide?

      IBIS assists the majority of the traveling public with the expeditious clearance at ports of entry while allowing the border enforcement agencies to focus their limited resources on those potential non-compliant travelers. IBIS provides the law enforcement community with access to computer-based enforcement files of common interest. It also provides access to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and allows its users to interface with all fifty states via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (NLETS).

      Where Is IBIS?

      IBIS resides on the Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS) at the Customs Data Center. Field level access is provided by an IBIS network with more than 24,000 computer terminals. These terminals are located at air, land, and sea ports of entry.

      What Information Is in IBIS?

      IBIS keeps track of information on suspect individuals, businesses, vehicles, aircraft, and vessels. IBIS terminals can also be used to access NCIC records on wanted persons, stolen vehicles, vessels or firearms, license information, criminal histories, and previous Federal inspections. The information is used to assist law enforcement and regulatory personnel.


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        So basically it's your average FBI check?


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          I'd say it's less than that.


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            It is a simple thing, a simple computer check, but unless you get a "hit" or you have a criminal background... If some federal agency flagged you somehow, (could even be a "green" flag in terms of clearing you) the inevitable delays start!!! INS has to contact that agency who entered the information, they need to work together to clear things up...


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              Isn't a "hit" and "criminal background" one and the same thing?


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                Not necessarily, I had been interviewed with FBI twice, being a pilot...

                They ran an investigation and cleared me in like 5 months...

                So this information is probably available on the IBIS database, since INS doesn't know about it, they have to confirm with the FBI... What is the outcome, why was I interviewed, etc etc

                Anything can show up on IBIS, I am not sure about DUI 's or other sort of traffic violations.


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                  so if I am not mistaken here, IBIS is used only for people who had criminal background or were arreted in the past ??????????/
                  thanks guysssssss


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                    No IBIS is being run on anyone who has an application/petition pending with the INS...


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                      Bushmaster, what exactly do you mean by the last post?


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                        I mean; INS runs IBIS on anyone who has an application/petition "for immigration benefits" pending with them...


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                          how old is the IBIS ? IS IT one of the post 9/11 things ??


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                            As far as checking immigrants' backgrounds yes.


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