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Working OUT of Status and recently got married? -------> ALL HELP!!

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    What has this story to do with my situation?? You just found something that you thought you can just cut and paste here without reading all the postings? Sorry, you are off the topic. Christine is not a ship builder or a construction worker! How many times I have to tell those illiterate and blind people here that INS, my employer (gov't), etc. they KNOW about my situation. I just don't fall into any profiles and never used fake docks or lied to them! My only POINT was that there are different situations and the INS may treat someone surprisingly differently. Just got to know the right people, be smart and honest. I am not bragging here, just trying to prove a point. Good luck to you all who hate me


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      OK Chris, hon!


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        It makes me laugh when I see these immigrants fight to stay in our country! They think it's worth!


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          It may not be worth for some of us Americans, but for immigrants, sure it is -- they come from countries where they don't have water to wash their faces, no bread to eat, no heat, no electricity, nothing...think India!


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            I am Indian -- I did not come to the U.S. to escape from poverty...I came here to become rich.


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              Good For Ya, "orpheus" -- but how old are you, if you're just 20 you're probably okay, you have at least 200 years ahead -- those 200 years an immigrant like you will need to become reach in America!


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                Christine must have undergone the medical examination by now!


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                  The INS arrested more than 100 people working at Champion Safe, a safe manufacturing company in Utah. Steve Branch, the Salt Lake City INS officer in charge, said the arrests were the culmination of a long investigation but would not comment on how the INS learned of the workers' immigration violations, which could include visa overstay and illegal entry. Champion Safe declined to comment.

                  "There are a number of business we could enforce workplace operations on," Branch said, but wouldn't answer as to whether or not the INS had plans for similar raids in the coming weeks.


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                    Christine had you had your fingerprints taken by now?


                    • ....have you had...


                      • Christine got her work permit in less than 2 months, no questions asked. And she just got back from trip to homecountry, on AP, got back with no problems. Good luck to ya all...


                        • what about the fingerprints, Christine?


                          • They took my fingerprints when I picked up my EAD. I was VERY surprised when they even didn't open my passport... no questions what so ever, and they were very nice. Same when I re-entered the country with my AP a little while ago. Weird...


                            • Actually Christine they will need to take all of your 10 fingers after a while to check if you have ever been fingerprinted after an arrest.


                              • AOS Application Processing (area of background checks)

                                - Electronic transmission of applicant fingerprint checks directly to the FBI after verification of applicant's identity by INS personnel;

                                - Confirmed FBI responses to fingerprint checks and review of criminal record, if applicable, before scheduling an applicant for interview;

                                - Electronic data exchanges with the FBI and CIA on biographic information;

                                - Adverse information revealed by FBI or CIA biographic information checks is transmitted to NSU and adjudication of the application withheld until the information is resolved;

                                - IBIS ("look out") checks on all applications and petitions at the time of filing and again before adjudication if the first check was conducted more than 35 days prior to adjudication; and

                                - A national Standard Operating Procedure governing all adjustment of status applications and a Quality Assurance program to ensure compliance with the standard procedures.


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