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Working OUT of Status and recently got married? -------> ALL HELP!!

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    Let's deport all illegal aliens and we'll have no more problems! Gimme A Break!!!


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      To complement "Guest" on posting links, I'd add this one as well:


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        Thanks for sharing this information with us....


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          This country needs to stop illegal immigration and repair the INS. Troops on the border. Deport each one without documentation. Not much was said (or heard) about illegal immigrants until 9/11 -- and now America knows that there are MILLIONS of them! Could that be why 86% of American citizens want illegal aliens deported immediately? If they can't obey our laws, if they can't honorably do what they're supposed to do, how can they be trusted? If they can't qualify to make it here legally, they have NO BUSINESS ignoring US laws to come here anyway. Write to the President and Congress and tell them that we now are all aware of an inefficient INS and our laws not being enforced!


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            wake up call is right on the money. We here in Calif. have been living with this problem for some time. We have any where from 5to 7 million illegals is what the guess is.They have driven the state almost into bankruptcy. Our schools are overun with them and our prisons are full of them. They have closed 12 hospitals in Los Angeles county that went bankrupt caring for them and not being paid. 65,000 new ones were born here last year. At this rate CA. will soon resemble the poverty stricken third world countries they came from. Every third person you see can't speak English and our buildings are covered in spray painted gang signs. The men all have shaved heads and tatoos and the girls all dress like hookers. It is awful. California went from being #1 in test scores in the country to 49th. We also have the highest dropout rate in the country.We need to seal the borders and shoot anything that trys to sneak in. Maybe if we left a few bodies out there instead of water bottles they would get the message. I know that sounds cruel , but we feel like we are in a war zone here in LA. Our state is being invaded and no one is doing anything.


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              Dear Christie,

              As an 245-i AOS applicant be careful if you are from one of the countries in this list,

              - Afghanistan
              - Algeria
              - Bahrain
              - Bangladesh
              - Egypt
              - Eritrea
              - Indonesia
              - Iran
              - Iraq
              - Jordan
              - Kuwait
              - Lebanon
              - Libya
              - Morocco
              - North Korea
              - Oman
              - Pakistan
              - Qatar
              - Saudi Arabia
              - Somalia
              - Sudan
              - Syria
              - Tunisia
              - United Arab Emirates
              - Yemen

              as you may end up being detained and/or eventually placed in deportation proceedings when you go to the Special Registration interview. Even more so if you have any minor criminal conviction on your record (bond is likely to be as low as $5,000 up to as high as $10,000 in this later case.)

              Good Luck!


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                  Thanks EPA!


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                    I am thanking you for Christine as well


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                      Christine is not from any of those listed countries, she is a white educated woman, happily married to USC. Still working for the gov't, and INS and her employer have been aware of it for a long time already. Got letter to go and pick up my EAD. Why they have not deported me? Go figure... I guess I don't fit into any profile and they need me here... Good luck to you all, and try to be nicer to each other here!


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                        LOS ANGELES, Jan 17: The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) will register citizens of all the countries, who came in the country before Sept 30, 2002, said a senior INS official said.

                        "It is part of a law that was passed in 1996 and we are now just getting around it," said Ronald Smith, the INS Los Angeles District Director, in an exclusive telephone interview to Dawn.

                        Smith said the Justice Department had decided to put all the countries into National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) by 2005. When asked whether the condition would be applicable to citizens of India and China, Smith said: "Yes."

                        In reply to a question why so far the names of only Muslim countries are coming up for registration, Smith said it was just a matter of priority according to national security concerns. However, that does not mean that Muslims or Pakistani community were being targeted and made victims of some sort of religious profiling.

                        The INS district director was upbeat on improving the registration procedure, saying, it was an evolving process.

                        He said already the registration process had gone through massive changes. The system had now become much milder, simplified and kinder to Pakistanis and Saudis and for upcoming countries, which fall in the second or third list of countries.

                        Without giving any statistics, Smith, however, said so far the turnout for registration was very small.


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                          Christine is a woman, women are not required to register if even they are Muslim.


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                            Excuse me, why shouldn't women be required to register? Aren't they equal to men, in all respects, including terrorism? We all know there are a lot of women spies, terrorists, and killers out there...

                            The Special Registration program discriminates against women!


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                              They are gonna pick up Christine and deport her when she goes to pick up her ead. She gave out to much information that was traceable and a complaint was filed.


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                                Immigration officials have discovered dozens of illegal aliens working on the USS John F. Kennedy as the aircraft carrier undergoes renovations at Mayport Naval Station. 11 men, all from Mexico, were arrested and charged yesterday with possessing false documentation. The others are still at large.

                                "We responded to a military concern," said Barbara Gonzalez, spokeswoman for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. The investigation began this month after the Navy started a routine review of the status of foreign-born workers hired by the contractors and subcontractors renovating the carrier, said Lt. Leslie Hull-Ryde, a Kennedy spokeswoman.

                                The Naval Criminal Investigative Service asked for help from INS, which identified 65 workers ineligible to work in the United States, according to a court affidavit filed yesterday by INS Special Agent Christopher Note. Note said when INS and Border Patrol agents went to Mayport last week to locate the illegal workers, they arrested 11 men, all "Mexican citizens illegally in the United States." All are charged with falsifying information on employment forms required of all U.S. workers by providing phony alien numbers, according to Note's affidavit.

                                "The INS and Border Patrol were unable to locate the remaining individuals," Note testified. Asked if INS is still searching for them, prosecutors and agency officials would say only that the matter is "ongoing." It is unknown what countries the missing workers are from. In most cases, undocumented aliens are deported to their native countries. All of those arrested worked for Moran Environmental Recovery, one of five Kennedy contractors with "immigration discrepancies," said Lt. Brad Fagan, a Mayport spokesman. Moran vice president Jay Daniel wouldn't comment on the investigation.

                                Business owners can be fined for hiring illegal aliens or face criminal prosecution if the hirings were deliberate and flagrant, but typically they aren't sanctioned if the workers present false documents. Federal prosecutors wouldn't say what the case was with Moran, but there was no indication in Note's affidavit that the contractor faced any allegations of wrongdoing. Prosecutors also wouldn't say whether any of the Kennedy contractors are part of a lengthy federal grand jury probe into money laundering, tax and workers compensation fraud and hiring illegal aliens in the Jacksonville housing construction industry.


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