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Working OUT of Status and recently got married? -------> ALL HELP!!

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    To Christine, My My MY, such language you use!!You don't sound nearly as cocky as you did earlier when you were bragging about working without a permit,and how you were sooooooooo smart and knew all the "right" people. I guess you've had a chance to see how low people think you really are.You thought you were the best there was. Well Christine, Americans have NO respect for people like you. We are a country of LAWS. We EXPECT them to be obeyed. Find another country to be a criminal in. We DON'T WANT YOU HERE.


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      Excuse me, I had a question for "strip-searched": Why do you have to submit to being searched like that with those stitches in your perineum?


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        Clara: I've read that when you go to jail, they remove your clothing and check for concealed weapons (like knives, e.g.) in the crack of your ***. The young woman had stitches in her perineum because she had just delivered a baby.


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          What happened to that mother was disgusting, true - it shouldn't have happened, and I hope it doesn't again. But you are absolving illegals of all responsibility here. Yes, the US gov't is letting them get away with what they're doing, but these people have made a choice to come here and live in the shadows. They are choosing to live within the current social and legal perameters of this country. No one is forcing them to do it. Yes, there are Americans who sell the fake ID, but all cultures have their share of scum. This is still an issue of personal responsibility, and the illegals are as much to blame as the government for our situation.


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            To Yeah Right, You have a very valid point about responsability. No one seems willing anymore to take it. Our government certainly has not taken theirs. What they have done is try and take the easy way out of this problem. And as with most issues, there is no easy way. We tryed to ignore the illegals at first, figuring there were jobs for them and it would be the best thing to not stir up any racial tension by making an issue. Then they flooded the state with uneducated ,ill prepared people looking for THEIR easy way out of poverty and a country with corupt leaders. And of course as they are finding out there is no easdy way for them either.And all the while the people of this country have been wanting their government to take care of the problem for them. And now WE have found out there is no easy way out. At last though the people are waking up(as we usually do when things get bad enough)and beginning to demand action. But guess what?? It can be done(mass deportation,military on borders, arrest employers hiring illegalsect.)but it won't be easy.


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              "Man, I have not gone that much astray since I came here - just overstayed my visa and working illegally - compared to this Mexican woman who had entered illegally after being deported, but hell, if "they" did all these horrible things to her, couldn't they send me to jail at least for a couple of days before deporting me back to my country? Am I not better off finding an American citizen spouse so that I will be better protected against possible adverse INS actions?"

              Is this what you are trying to say to this thread's protagonists by showing the sad story of this Mexican woman? Just curious...


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                I hope you have alereted the FBI about the post from "Death" on Dec. 17. This is clearly someone with out of control anger towards the USA. The irational rage of the visibly "sick" poster virtually jumps off the page.They need help.


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                  Christine and others:

                  Look what I found:


                  Does this mean that even if you have already applied for the green card, and perhaps even issued an EAD (work permit,) the INS can still detain you if they wish to? Isn't it that the period during which you are waiting to be interviewed for the green card is a period of authorized stay -- that is to say you won't be considered to be illegally in the U.S. as you may have been up to the moment you apply for the Adjustment of Status?

                  At least let's hope the INS will have compassionate to release aliens with pending AOS application on bond, given also the fact that they have by now an USC/green-card-holder spouse!


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                    Amen to that!


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                      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The U.S. Attorney General and the nation's immigration service were hit by a class action civil liberties lawsuit on Tuesday over the mass detentions of immigrants from Muslim countries who came forward to register under new anti-terrorism rules.

                      A coalition of Arab and Muslim groups sought an immediate injunction against further arrests and alleged that large numbers of men who came forward to register in southern California last week had been unlawfully detained. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles, followed outrage over the detentions of hundreds of immigrants -- most of them Iranians -- who presented themselves at immigration offices under the anti-terrorism program and who were taken away in handcuffs and locked up, sometimes for days, for overstaying their visas.

                      The Department of Justice did not return calls seeking comment on the lawsuit which named Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Immigration and Naturalization Service as defendants.

                      Local immigration lawyers estimated last week that about 1,000 men and boys were detained in standing room only centers, and forced to sleep on concrete floors, under a system designed to track potential "terrorists" but which instead locked up many caught in the lengthy process for obtaining permanent residence.

                      Official figures from the Department of Justice and the INS put the number of detentions in California at less than 250. By Tuesday, officials said that about 20 were still detained in the Los Angeles area, five in San Diego and a handful in San Francisco.

                      PROGRAM CALLED 'IRRATIONAL'

                      The men were detained under a post-Sept. 11 program which requires males over 16, without permanent residence, from 20 Arab or Muslim countries to register with authorities.

                      Peter Schey, president of the Los Angeles-based Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law and the lead attorney for the six, unnamed plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said mass registration was irrational because "no undocumented terrorist will come forward."

                      Schey said the lawsuit was not about resisting registration but about the way it was being implemented.

                      "The program is being used as a scam to lure people into INS offices supposedly to register, when what they really face is arrest, detention and even deportation despite their pending petitions to legalize their status which the INS refuses to process," he said.

                      The registration deadline for the first group, which included Iranians from the 600,000-strong Iranian exile community in the Los Angeles area, fell on Dec. 16. Deadlines are approaching in January and February for citizens of Afghanistan (news - web sites), Algeria, Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

                      The lawsuit asked for an injunction ordering the government not to arrest any other people without a warrant and to prevent the deportation or holding without bail of detainees with avenues available to legalize their status.

                      It said the detentions of otherwise law-abiding immigrants "seriously undermines prospects for future compliance and constitutes an absurd waste of resources."

                      CONFIDENCE IN INS ERODED

                      "The mass arrests have further eroded confidence in the fairness of the INS and the immigration system among Arab and Muslim communities," said the lawsuit. It was filed by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Alliance of Iranian Americans, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the National Council of Pakistani Americans.

                      Local media have highlighted cases of professionals, like San Francisco-area engineer Ramsin Ziazadeh, who works at National Semiconductor and Faramarz Farahani, a database manager at a Silicon Valley company. Both men were born in Iran and were detained for failing to report to the INS on time.

                      "We got word he might be released soon, but I can't believe he went through this incredible four-day ordeal," Farahani's wife Judy Shum told the San Francisco Chronicle. "One day he's an (information technology) professional with a briefcase, the next he's in shackles at the INS office."

                      Khurrum Wahid of the Council on American Islamic Relations said the groups bringing the lawsuit wanted to prevent such situations happening again.

                      "We feel the INS really didn't take into account the situation of the people they were detaining and the disruption to their lives, and they were not prepared to execute the procedure that they themselves had set up," Wahid told Reuters.




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                        You know what? I know there's a lot of injustises over immigrants, but then the more immigrants trying to sneak off from the legal ways, the more GOOD immigrants will be punished. At least, every immigrants should do stuff in legal way, no matter how hard it is, so that the next immigrants won't get punished, and laws won't be stricted on them, just bkz some other stupid immigrant made a fake SNN for example. Please, I'm not in the US yet, and I want to go there, and live there, and fulfill my dream, so at least for immigrants like us......PLEASE DON'T BREAK THOSE DAMN LAWS! I know how hard it is to do everything in the legal way, I was in the same shoe while I was in the US, but accept it, and do it in the legal way, for Pete's sake! Thanks...


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                          It is just SO TRUE that the illegal immigrants who can't follow the laws, because they think America owes them something and they don't know that poor people in America suffer too, maybe even more than the illegals had they stayed in THEIR OWN countries, create a bad impression for immigrants in general. The streets are not lined in gold in the United States and immigrants shouldn't be led to believe that in any way!! There is NO free lunch and Americans want our laws enforced starting NOW! No more 9/11! No more poor and uneducated immigrants sneaking in!! No more fraud and lies!!


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                              September 11 has nothing to do whatsoever with illegal aliens. Nor with legal ones. It has only to do with the foreign policy of the US.


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                                9/11 has EVERYTHING to do with illegal, deceitful immigrants -- and an incompetent INS. It's time to put troops on our borders and time to start deporting all illegals right now!


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