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Working OUT of Status and recently got married? -------> ALL HELP!!

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    Well, I just cannot get what American citizens are these ones that go and marry scums of the earth like this Christine thing...I guess these American citizens are either mentally/physically-challenged, or then, they have been offered money from these obnoxious illegal aliens who want to protect themselves from the INS. Or then -- these illegal aliens are actually marrying their creepy co-nationals who have lately naturalized and become USC's.


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      Mohan, You seem like a decent guy. I can see you are trying to help people. But as an American citizen, I have to say that most of the people I have seen posting here are having "problems" because they have broken the law. And most of them come from Latin America, where there is little regard for the law,many corupt members of law enforcement,and a mostly uneducated, poorly skilled population. Most of the people on this list we don't want here. While that may seem harsh, you have to understand that as a law abiding country,we are used to being able to trust one another to mostly do the right thing. We do not do things depending on the likelyhood of whether or not we might get "caught" breaking the law. We do things because we consider them the right things to do. And most Americans are pretty much in agreement on the "right things to do". Our laws reflect these beliefs. Our earlier immigrants from Europe, shared these beliefs as that is where most of us came from. In 1964 Seneator Kennedy put forth a bill allowing much more immigration from Latin America. Now we are flooded with uneducated low skilled immigrants unwilling or unable to learn the language. They have a very high rate of crime and have many children that they cannot afford thus burdening the taxpayer . I don't think it is wrong or mean for us to want to see this stopped. We would be crazy to desire to see more of these kinds of people who are costing us so much and ruining our cities and filling our prisons,wouldn't we??And most of the people on these lists are breaking the law and looking for a way to get around it. We don't want those kinds of people either.


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        I am one of those idiot American citizens who married some years back an illegal alien. And I will never forget how "loving" this person was before we'd get married, and what a SCUM she turned out to be when time to get the conditions on her green card removed came. She had entered the country legally on a visitor's visa, but overstayed. She pretended she was in love with me, and I was lured into marriage with this person -- and to tell the truth, although I did suspect from the beginning that she just wanted the green card, still I believed her - obviously she's a very good actor. During the first year of our marriage, she was fine, we travelled a lot, made many friends, but the one thing that attracted my attention (for bad) was that she did not want to have a baby. She'd not give any reasons, just saying that it was too early. And maybe it was. However, after another year, by the time we'd go together for an interview before the INS, she began to show its true face -- behaving disrespectfully towards me and my parents, spending too much money, even from mines, and what was the real reason I broke with her - seeing another guy. I did not have proof that she slept with him, yet I told her that our marriage would be terminated, and that I would not cooperate with her to remove conditions on her green card. She did go to the interview by herself...and the INS sent me a letter asking me what had happened - I responded to them that basically my wife had married me just to get the green card. She was denied the green card and immediately placed on deportation proceedings. INS did not charge her with the crime of entering into a fraudulent marriage for immigration purposes but she did leave the country. Point is: there ARE too many unscrupulous illegal aliens who would do this, and it feels really bad when you have initially placed trust and respect on these persons, as it was the case with me. Please don't be misled everyone.


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          I agree with the last two or three posts. The immigrants who come to this country LEGALLY have passed all the tests, the background checks, their reasons for wanting to immigrate, their ability to stay above the poverty line in wages if here, and the skills and education they have to offer. To me, there are two kinds of immigrants. Those who are willing to go through all the inconveniences just because it's right. And those who want to come to get something for themselves.


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            Those who are willing to go through all the inconveniences just because it's right -- should bust their butts real good, by now.

            And those who want to come to get something for themselves, should put up with all WE tell them to.


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              Words, words, words! Fact is: these foreign nationals should get their sorry asses out of US and go back to their dirt poor countries to work to make it a better place to live! We already have enough problems with our own people, cannot handle the crap of aliens as well!


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                I can see here that many Americans (like me) have started to notice that there are way way TOO MANY illegal aliens in our country! I never really thought about it before but suddenly I feel like an alien in my own country! I was so heartbroken to read about Chris Eggle (the park ranger killed by Mexicans trying to cross the border) and so many others like him. Also that sick kid Malvo in DC, that was all I needed to realize how bad things have become. Then about the woman in Houston whose 10 year old daughter was molested and the illegal alien ran back across the border! This has to stop - close the borders NOW!!


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                  Actually No. We do not have to close the borders. We just have to be vigilant to report illegal aliens like this "Christine", "WorkerTx" and "Mohan can help". They'll be taken care then by the INS, and this way they'll be set as an example for other aliens that happen to think they'll be able to get away with cheating forever.


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                    Only thing I have to add to all these so called ideas/suggestion/insults to people you don't even know is "EASIER SAID THAN DONE FOLKS".

                    Who is going to pay for INS to care of such a HUGE task? YOU?


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                      Who do YOU think pays for the INS now!? You evidently don't know..... WE do.... and the question is what WE taxpayers want our dollars to pay for.......all kinds of free medical services, free education, overcrowded classrooms, our INS COURT system, detention centers, accidents caused by aliens without insurance, etc., etc...... or for more border control and a more efficient INS to enforce our deportation and other immigration laws. Put our troops on the borders, like almost 90% of Americans want, and add funding for more INS personnel in law enforcement positions.

                      Who do YOU think has caused such a backlog that our INS is overloaded and overworked and cannot process applications now at a fast enough rate? YOU have, but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed


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                        And FYI here are two links expaining WHY and HOW each and every American should do:




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                            Of course I know WE pay for EVERY gov. branch. My point is this, to do what INS is currently doing and add ALL THESE additional reponsibilities to them, WHO is going to pay for that? Are YOU willing to send INS a check for say a $1,000 for YOUR part? Or you just HOPE INS increases there budget magically to take care of all your concerns? We need to be realistic about what it can and can not do. There are LOT of other govt. agencies needing $ not just INS.


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                              I think many people here are just jealous beacuse they cant find an fiance/women.
                              If they meet an beautiful illegal women im 100% sure they will support christina and other illegal immigrants.


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                                I guess illegals are afraid to find an American "spouse" because they could well up in jail if INS figures out that they did it just for the green card. And then, hell no, you have to be strip-searched with six stitches in your perineum, just like the 22-year-old Mexican mama!!!


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