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Working OUT of Status and recently got married? -------> ALL HELP!!

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    To poster "To jeopardiser":

    I think the guy/gal must have died in custody.


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      "We are watching" says:

      "And who knows, one of those "helpful" workmates might now want to earn a few brownie points by turning YOU in."

      You bet Christine that it's gonna happen more often by now...


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        Or s/he may have committed suicide after being repeatedly raped in prison.


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          Your true character will be found out by people who you say have tried to help you and then you won't be able to keep up your charade. You use people and the fact that you think you're "smart" and "qualified" for a better job than most immigrants. Presto, you're in, and other "illegal immigrants" who aren't as educated as you don't have it so easy because they can't get to know the "right people" the way you did.

          You should listen to yourself. You think it's cool because you got somewhere by your secrets and deceit instead of by honesty. I feel sorry for you


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            To "other option" -- rape is a terrible thing happening in prisons, I found a report by Humans Rights Watch:



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              Well, that may be the situation in State jails (perhaps even county jails) but I guess Christine, WorkerTx, and the poster "Mohan can help" will be incarcerated in INS detention facilities if they'll be found out. So there is a distinction to be made I think.


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                Ha, "well," you've got to be kidding me! Take a look here, it has already been discussed on this boards that INS does not have enough space and most of the time places its prisoners in county jails. So...not too much of a distinction to be made, sorry...



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                  Guys, don't ya understand what this,

                  "Working for the Gov't is actually less risky than working at any place more accessible for illegals. No one would even suspect that you don't have a work permit, etc. And of course, got to know the right people, prove that you're the best for the position, and have luck, too. When it came out that I don't have the permit, they offered me help instead of fireing me."


                  These people are selling SEX to be able to keep their head above water...hehehe...who knows, some day they may wanna get used to the fact that they may have to provide it for free, like for instance when going to jail to be so nicely raped. Have A Good One!


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                      Do you guys even think and read the postings before you write something so stupid and off the topic here? Seems like not... Everyone is so quick to assume everything and tear one down without knowing ANY facts. "Jails, me using people, selling sex, turning me in, etc.?" Where did you get all that? Didn't I just say before that I have filed my papers and they know exactly where I work. I just got another letter from INS the other day which aslo said that everything is allright and I should be expecting my EAD to be ready to pick up soon.
                      I just wanted to open people's eyes here and let them know that there DO exist different situations, and there are Americans out there who sincerely want to and CAN help, and who won't kick you in the @*$ like some illegals on is board. Anyway, thanks for the "support" you all.


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                        Christine(If that is your REAL name)
                        I DID read your FIRST post where you said you were wondering if there was any hope of your getting things straightened out. ???Didn't sound like you had everything all squared away then, What's up with that?? Anyway you really are the lowest of the low. There are immigrants who come here without a CLUE as to how things work. And even though they should not be allowed to stay, they are less guilty of fraud than someone like yourself who KNOWS what they are doing as is PROUD of it. You have no good qualities what so ever. I don't care HOW educated you might be ,YOU ARE AN UNDESIRABLE of the highest caliber.


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                          So you're saying that someone who did not sneak into this country, has never bought or used fake documents to get a job or whatever, someone who has worked his/her @** off for this country, has paid taxes for 5 years, has NO criminal record, has not tried to smuggle in his/her relatives, hasn't lied to INS, etc. etc. is THE LOWEST??? Again, man, THINK before you write something here. Looks like you are not here to help people, but only to express your negative mind and make stupid conclusions without knowing any facts. Please get a life and stop calling people names, this is so low.
                          P.S. I got the letter from INS after I wrote my 1st one here.


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                            Get off your high horse babe>> If you were working without a permit, you were working illegally. Consider the taxes you paid a criminal fine. And pleeeeeeeeeeease, you worked your a-s off for no one but Christine. If you were concerned about this country you would not be BRAGGING about how you have been skirting the law. Like I said, you are thr WORST kind of offender. You know better , and think your sooooooooo clever. You have NOTHING to offer this country but your ability to decieve it.


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                              Common Guys...Many posting we are getting way far from the origional topic. I guess People comes here with the problem with the LAW, Specially INS.

                              If someone has solution for them they should answer that post, or if someone know good attorney they can refer.
                              I think our tax dollars goes to all the Govt agencies, like Police/INS/Border Patrol/DOL/DOJ/Etc.etc.
                              Isn't it? They should do their job. IF someone is really annoyed, they should show their on these agencies, they are not doing their job properly to catch offenders. Everybody have different situations in their life, some people have good jobs and some barely pull thru the day. Our job is to treat everybody equally. after all we all are human.


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                                Mohan thank you for your wisdom and honesty. You are a big help on this board and I appreciate all you've taught me.


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