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Working OUT of Status and recently got married? -------> ALL HELP!!

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    Three years ago I reported to the INS an acquaintance of mine who was illegally in the U.S. while working illegally for a company. He submitted fake SSN and Drivers License and the company accepted him for employment. The INS conducted an investigation and after a couple of months he was issued a "Notice To Appear" before the Immigration Court to attend deportation proceedings, as he was charged with deportability and providing false documentation to gain employment. This person was able to figure out that it was me who reported him to the INS and he took revenge by stalking me a couple of times and in one particular occasion hitting me. I suffered a nosebleed and reported the incident to the police. The police charged my alien friend with felony battery - the court finally sentenced him to 3 months in county jail -- with all these events happening while the deportation proceedings were under way. Finally the INS deported him back to his home country AFTER he served 3-months for the battery charge. Point is: if some aliens sticks to laws, like the case has been with me, why some others should be allowed to get away with illegal things - no, they should suffer the consequences of their actions!


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      Thanks for all the info. Also, I have NO fake docs as all mine are LEGAL docs and I came here LEGALLY as well. Just fell out of status.

      Once again, thanks all.


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        That's the point, if you fell out of status you do not have anymore authorization to work, and you should not work. We all know what alien's justifications are, the problem is they just don't hold up...


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          Take A Look Here:


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            Well, some aliens are afraid to work without proper work authorization, but some others are not.


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              He knows how gullible you Americans are, there is not one thread of truth to his story. Sorry, I guess you have to be British to know that. Cheers!


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                Federal authorities charged 25 O'Hare and Midway workers and de-activated the access badges of more than 500 others Tuesday as part of Operation Tarmac--a national crackdown on people who gained airport security clearance with fake IDs.

                The 25 were charged with fraudulently obtaining badges allowing them into restricted areas of the two airports. They include ramp agents, truck drivers, cleaning crew employees, food service workers, a baggage handler and an airline cabin service attendant. None is a city employee.

                6 of the 25 were charged with lying about criminal convictions -- 4 for drug-related offenses, 1 for burglary and 1 for robbery -- that would have barred them under federal regulations from holding such airport jobs.

                16 were charged with using a fake Social Security number. 3 others were charged with illegally re-entering the country after being deported.

                In addition to the arrests in Chicago, the access badges of 553 workers at O'Hare and Midway have been de-activated as the INS and FBI investigate potential fraud violations.

                U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said there is no evidence any of those charged had terrorist ties.

                "What we are telling you is we can't have an airport -- 2 of the busiest airports in the world-- sitting in our city, and have literally hundreds of people in the airport we don't know who they are and what they're up to and then just throw our hands up," he said.

                "If you're lying about who you are and taking on someone else's identification, particularly if you have a prior conviction, and getting access to a secure area, that's a crime in itself."

                Ignacio Guerrero, 37, was among those busted for using an allegedly fake Social Security number. He still was imprisoned late Tuesday, and his family feared he would be deported. "He bought it from people that sell them, but he didn't know they weren't licensed," said his 11-year-old son, translating for his mother.

                The national investigation began after the Sept. 11 attacks. More than 800 workers at airports in more than eight major U.S. cities have been arrested and charged with gaining security clearance in bogus ways.

                Chicago -- which owns and operates O'Hare and Midway -- is responsible for conducting criminal background checks on people who work for the city, airlines and contractors at the airfields.

                The checks, which involve fingerprinting, were required for certain workers at O'Hare, Midway and other major airports after December 2000. After the terrorist attacks, all airport employees who work in secure zones had to undergo the checks, which only now are wrapping up. Recently, a federal directive ordered that workers not in secure areas--but who have limited access beyond passenger checkpoints--also undergo fingerprint reviews.

                City officials were defensive about the situation Tuesday, saying they had no way to know the workers were displaying bogus ID and Social Security numbers. The background checks don't work that way, they said.

                In the last several weeks, however, the city has bought and begun using computer equipment from Intelli-Check Inc. that can verify a driver's license or passport as valid, First Deputy Chicago Aviation Commissioner John Harris said.

                Tuesday's announcement comes eights months after a Chicago Sun-Times report that found 167 O'Hare and Midway workers had been red-flagged and had their badges stripped, at least temporarily, pending an explanation of their criminal histories.

                As of Tuesday, 94 workers were in the same predicament, Harris said.

                The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and the Office of the Mexican Consul General of Chicago blasted Tuesday's actions, saying most of those charged are Hispanic.

                "This operation only further criminalizes immigrants who work hard and pay taxes, and are only trying to make a living and support themselves and their families," the coalition said.

                The federal probe "looks more like politics than really improving the security of the two airports," Mexican Consulate spokesman Cesar Romero said.


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                  Sorry about being straight here but you probably did not even read the first postings on this topic. We're not talking about latin Americans working at the air ports here with false documents, flipping burgers or something. Me (and presumably WorkerTx) came here legally and have good jobs (I work for the Gov't), it's just that we don't have work permits and have overstayed visas. I don't want to say that I am better or something, but there are many illegals here who are educated and are smart enough to get nice jobs without fake papers or lying. Of course, here one would say: 'go back home then!' But what if it is dirt poor at home and unemployment ***** bad? Would one rather risk here and take a chance, and see what happens?? I am glad that I stayed after my visa expired, my patience has paid off now, got my papers filed, etc.


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                    How did you work for the Gov's without a work permit ?????????????????????/
                    that's a biggggggg risk


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                      Working for the Gov't is actually less risky than working at any place more accessible for illegals. No one would even suspect that you don't have a work permit, etc. And of course, got to know the right people, prove that you're the best for the position, and have luck, too. When it came out that I don't have the permit, they offered me help instead of fireing me.


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                        Well Christine you certainly do sound proud of yourself for defrauding the US Government. Well things are changing. You will be caught. It is just a matter of time. I don't know which is worse, the fact you are working illegally,or the fact that you are SO PROUD of getting away with it so far. You give immigrants working hard to do it right a slap in the face. You should be ashamed.You are not what we want in this country. Oh you might check out what someone posted a while back on this thread. The "Government" is going to be checking EVERYONE closer. And who knows, one of those "helpful" workmates might now want to earn a few brownie points by turning YOU in.


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                          Yes I am proud that I did not lie about anything when I was asked about my situation at work and when I filed my AOS. I am not proud that work illegally and haven't quit, let's just say that my situation is VERY different than most here. Turn me in? I did it myself already, they can "watch me" as much as they want. Some 'workmates' (in my case very connected and respected people) are not as prejudice as mr. "we are watching", and actually are willing to help.


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                            Christine, you are an idiot. Look what you're saying:

                            "Me (and presumably WorkerTx) came here legally and have good jobs (I work for the Gov't), it's just that we don't have work permits and have overstayed visas. I don't want to say that I am better or something, but there are many illegals here who are educated and are smart enough to get nice jobs without fake papers or lying."

                            If you overstay your visa you do not have ANYMORE the right to work in this country. You will illegally in the U.S. and you will be working ILLEGALLY.

                            Yes, the company (or even the government for that matter) may not figure out right away that you do not have anymore permission to work, but eventually one day that period of unauthorized employment - during which you still continued to work - will come up (like for instance when going to be interviewed before an immigration officer for your green card -- and they may have information regarding the fact, believe me That is many of you illegals/overstayers marry (stupid) American citizens who may be lured into marriage with shifty people like yourselves -- in order to be better protected against potential adverse consequences imposed by the INS. Good Luck!


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                              I know of a situation exactly like yours - but the person served his time and was not released to the INS. He was released to no one! The people in my community found out and were so upset that they notified the INS. The only thing anyone's heard since then was that there was a deportation order out but no one knows if they ever found him and the INS refuses to talk about the case. Do you know of any way to find out what happens after a complaint is filed with the INS?


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                                It is "dirt poor" all around the world. What makes you better than people from other countries (which just might be poorer than yours)? And in case you didn't realize, "dirt poor" is not a good enough reason for admission to the USA (or to any other country). Instead, it's a reason for DENIAL, and that's why billions of wishful people have to stay exactly where they are. You sound like someone who only cares about what YOU can get, by deceit or any other way, since you obviously can't see the big picture here


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