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    Because they think America is worth when they're back in their countries.


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      Are you above the average for your society? Are you in the top 5% who really make big money? I guess most people will say no. Do you really think that letting the top 5% get away with it actually helps you, in any way?

      It is quite natural to harbour a dream that you might one day be in that elite, or your children might. It is quite natural because those that are in that 5% WANT you to aspire to it. Aspire to it BUT not achieve it, that is for their children, not yours.

      I remember a parable about two working class men and their sons watching a Rolls Royce drive past:-

      The American father says "Look son, one day you will buy one of those for your old dad!"

      The English father says "Look son, we'll take that off that ******* one day."

      This story is usually told by people who want you to think like the American. Oh no. Wealth only has meaning in relative terms. The American father is looking forward to the envious looks of his neighbours far more than the comfortable ride. That is not an attitude to aspire to.

      The American Dream is a fallacy. It is simply not possible for a planet of more than 6,000,000,000 people, growing faster than you can count, to behave in the way that Americans have come to expect. The Earth cannot take the strain. It is not possible for everybody to strive to attain whatever they fancy and the net result be an improved life for everybody.

      The American Dream is an illusion.

      Freedom cannot be infinite. If one man can do whatever he wants the result is misery for others, although usually other people far away, unseen, in geographic or social space. The American Dream is that freedom can be infinite, you can attain whatever you want and nobody will have to pay a price for it. In the American Dream everybody can be richer than average and nobody lives in poverty unless they deserve it.

      It is a nonsense.

      However it can appear to work for millions of people at a time, and most of the people you meet. The universal richness of the world around you is an illusion. Most of the space in every town is given over to housing the rich, not because there are a lot of them but because they own more land and property. In most shops a large proportion of the space is given over to selling luxury goods. Why? Because there is more choice for the rich. Looking along the range of products gives a strong illusion that most people buy expensive items, the reality is that in virtually every product range the single cheapest items outsell the most expensive 90% of the products on display. This truth is very far from self-evident, it takes you several months to appreciate. In a town nearby there is a showroom selling Aston Martins, Ferraris and Rolls Royces, and another selling Fords, if you just drive or walk past you miss the reality that one sells cars considerably more often than the other.

      The dream is that everybody can be rich, but the reality is a lot more bitter for the vast majority of people. If you read this page you are rich, richer than the vast majority of people on this planet who cannot afford the technology that you are using. The dream says that through hard work and effort everybody can achieve success, everybody can be rich and famous and happy. The reality is that the world is too small to slake the thirst for wealth of a single person who subscribes to this dream. The dream of wealth is everywhere, not just America. Half the players in any lottery know they will win the jackpot. The dream of wealth is more pervasive in America than other countries because it has more to hide. There has to be a huge series of interlocking myths to account for the barbarity of American history. The reality is genocide, theft and wholesale corruption, using the earth as if it was the personal possession of a single person to be used and abused with no repercussions. America is the land of pioneers. Nobody has a more warped sense of reality than a pioneer. Pioneers have no sense of historical perspective or their part in the bigger picture. For a pioneer the long term is next year.

      The old wives tale says that it is dangerous to wake a sleep-walker but the world cannot stand by any longer as America walks on asleep to the dangers of population growth, resource depletion and excess consumption against a backdrop of massive and growing inequality.



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        I think it's nice to dream...


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          Yep, you got it exactly right. I love that little parable. Of course, the English man would more fittingly be a Mexican man. It's like, "Look at all the riches of this country, son." One day we will take it away from these fat gringos and walk proud." We will live here and speak our own language and OUR culture will dominate. We will one day dominate the hemisphere." Of course, that is more than a parable. I have really heard this said by Mexican immigrants on more than one occasion. I have a professor who actually openly said this in class when I was in college (She was from Mexico). There was also another man on Univision who said it. The majority of immigrants from the mass-immigration countries, Mexico being the largest, do not desire to share the culture of America. They are colonizing the US through immigration. Spanish speaking ethnic enclaves are thier colonies, and they are growing. They demand schooling for thier children in Spanish and with Mexican history. California used to be a part of Mexico, and that is used by many of them to justify it. Of course, California didn't become such a succesful place until it was part of the US, but nobody seems to bring that up. Anybody know the purpose of Mecha? Anyone ever heard the Aztlan argument? It's based on a bogus Aztec myth. That's funny, since most Mexicans are not Aztecs. They do not speak Nahuatl or worship Quetzalcoat, but when it comes to an excuse for mass illegal immigration, you've suddenly got millions of Aztecs running around. The Mexican government condones illegal immigration because the millions who send remittances to Mexico are actualy boosting the Mexican economies. Vincente Fox keeps pusing for amnesties. Why? Why in the world would a president encourage his citizens to break another countries laws? The high dollar value causes poor, undeducated campesinos to be able to come here and earn 8 dollars an hour and go back to Mexico and live like kings on that money, since there are 10 pesos to the dollar. If they spend the money they earn here down there, then they are helping the Mexican economy through exploitation of the American economy. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you take into consideration the sheer numbers, then you realize that it is, indeed, a big deal. THis country is built on immigration, but immigrants historically eventualy assimilated into American culture. With a fresh influx of Hispanic immigrants everyday, there is not an incentive to assimilate, since an immigrant can live an easy life speaking his own language and interacting in his own culture. The resistence to assimilation causes segregation. Segregation causes a breakdown of unity and ethnic unrest. People feel more animosity toward someone who does not want to interact with them. An immigrant who at least attempts to learn English and to mix as well as he can with other ethnic groups will be far more respected than one who demands services that cater to his native culture and teaches his children to marry within thier own immigrant pool. I have nothing against immigrants. Even an illegal immigrant is honorable in my eyes if he tries to make friends with Americans and learn English. I just think that ethnic enclaves are dangerous because I see how they cause resentment and hate.


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            The reason Hispanics are underrepersented in our U.S. military is because the majority do not meet the qualifications to enlist. Lacking a high school diploma or having a criminal record eliminates over 50% of the male U.S. citizen hispanics.
            This is why the U.S. military has been targeting alien hispanics. But even then many do not really meet the true standars that our military wants but are being forced to enlist aliens in to the military.


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              yea right


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