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EXPUNGED record and INS criminal record check--------> MOHAN and ALL please HELP!

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  • EXPUNGED record and INS criminal record check--------> MOHAN and ALL please HELP!

    About 4 yrs back, I was charged with a false insurance claim and I plead guilty under the "fist offender act" of Georgia. All the fines were paid. According to my attorney at the time, once fines are paid, the record will be automatically expunged from ALL police records.

    My question is, when I apply for citizenship does INS have info. on that? Would they know i had a record expunged as according to my laywer at the time there should be no record of it. If anyone knows anything about this, pleaset let me know.

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    Another One!! The amount of criminals on this board who are trying to get into the country legally is astounding!! Thank God the INS has been reworked and a law and order guy(Asa Hutchinson)put in charge.And two of the most pro amnesty in the INS have been told to resign.Maybe we can finally clean up this mess. They should start right here on this board.That would keep them busy for a while.


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      Lets see GUEST ALSO, obviously you must not have done anything wrong in your F*** life right? Also, don't you have anything better to do then come here and pass judgements on people who made mistakes? If you got nothing to contribute, why BOTHER posting here? Surely you have a LIFE or maybe NOT!!

      Anyway, Neb1, as long as the record is expunged it should not show in INS checks BUT I can't be sure. Might want to check with an attorney. Mohan can add do this as well. Goodluck padre


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        To neb1: definitely consult with the attorney. and wait at least one more year. because if your violation is considered CIMT you should have at least 5 "clean" years befor you apply for citizenship.

        to guest also: and to all who have nothing to do except coming to this board and impede effective communication. go do something productive for your country! It is not YOUR particular business what is going on here if you are just here to criticize people. also check your spelling and grammar, you proud citizen! I am shocked how these proud anti-alien elements who cannot even spell and write, and they blame immigrants of not speaking well enough.


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          Actually I am doing something here. I'm collecting anecdotal evidence of the lower caliber immigrant we have been getting since relaxing the rules of who gets in and who doesn't. I am doing a paper for a class. I am proving that since the idiot from Mass. (Kennedy) got his way with his reform in 65, we have been subject to a far inferior class of immigrant than we got when we let in a lower number from Latin America. This board has provided a wealth of evidence.


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            Then you are a complete moron to countsolely on this board for your research, and your professors will see through your negative and demeaning holier than thou attitude when you turn in your paper. These are desperate questions from hurting people, who are having problems with INS or immigration in some sort or another, not representative of the entire population of immigrants. What is the name of your paper anyway? "Immigrants are bad?"
            Get out there, get a job, travel a little in your inexperienced yet so 'knowledgeable' short lived life and learn how to get by in this world without passing judgement on those who are in need of help, and overcoming their mistakes in life.
            How easy it is to judge when someone opens their problem and vultures like you attack.


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              Go online chat here at ILW in about 20 minutes to speak free with an immigration lawyer about your situation.


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                Guest Also, I have an anecdote for you and your professor, care to give me your e-mail addy, it's gross...


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                  Guest Also,

                  I think before you do your "research" on important matters such as immigration, you might want to take a class or two in "ENGLISH" and "PROPER GRAMMAR" use. I think "research" on ANYTHING is out of your league at this point of time in your life bud.


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                    Hey GUEST ALSO, Do research on who is your real dad. No joke!!!! It is important for you. You claiming you are American. How come only RED-INDIANS are real american, everybody else are immigrant, it is matter how soon or how late they immigrated.

                    If you like to prove that you are real american than you have to prove that your blood is RED-INDIAN ( mother or father). Other all american is immigrant ask you Ma,Pa, Grand Ma/Pa, Grand Grand Ma/pa....Grand grand grand Ma/Pa.

                    So you have lot to Research....!!! Get out of this forum and get busy with your work don't forget to start from your Ma.


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                      Neb 1, I urges you to get a copy of form-N400 and study the instruction and the filable form itself. On page 8 you will be ask questions about GOOD MORAL CHARACTER. Your question regarding your conviction or whatever will be answered there.


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                        I agree with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!

                        And to the poster who asked "Have you never done anything wrong...?" Well, maybe, but it has NOT BEEN disrespecting another country's laws or another country's citizens. It has NOT been going to another country and committing crimes, then wondering if I can hide those crimes from that country's government!

                        This board is indeed FILLED with immigrants (many of them ILLEGAL) who ARE NOT citizens of America - they are GUESTS and ONLY GUESTS - and what Americans "do" in their OWN COUNTRY is not legally of any concern to them.

                        To the posters who love to compare immigrants to Indians - I suppose you also think that the French should raid Louisiana and claim that state as their own, because, after all, they once owned it. What's wrong with the picture here? It's one more excuse for immigrants to claim some right or privilege they don't have.

                        Guest Also - you have sought an excellent resource for your research, and I'm sure that your Professor will agree.


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                          nobody is claiming that illegal is right. or, that doing something against is the law is good. nobody is trying to hide anything from the government. the troubling thing here is that if you are "clean" for the state, why should you be "guilty" for the country? where is the logic?


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                            Even if a state expunges a record, the federal laws that are supposed to govern and protect the states kick in. So if Georgia clears the slate for this person, he/she would still be subject to the laws covering issues like immigration.


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                              I understand that. I am asking where is the logic?


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