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  • Marriage out of status

    Can I marry here,after over staying my visa? I mean, to obtain the marriage license, do I need to show my visa?

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    Can I marry here,after over staying my visa? I mean, to obtain the marriage license, do I need to show my visa?


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      Being that you entered the U.S. legally, you can get married here and have your spouse petition for you


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        If you are illegal and do want to get married , first go to the court house , get your marriage licence and go get married somewhere else but in a court house by a judge. Have a priest marry you its way much better with less complication .And then send it the papers and keep your marriage certificate.Easy as that if you scared of the judge or whatever else.
        Good luck


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          No you dont need no visa nothing. Just go to the court house and tell them , you are here for a marriage licence ( i forgot the name of what that office is called but it's a the court house anyways) SO like i was saying go there and tell them you are here to get a marriage licence , they will have you fill out some forms and pay some money (dont worry its cheap) and take your licence with you and go get married either by a judge or a priest or whoever you want as long as they have a licence issued by the state to marry people. Okay? GOOD LUCK


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            Another case of you people helping each other break our laws. I'm up to about 12 now after reading these boards for 1/2 hour. Does INS or DOJ ever check out this place?? They could stay busy for weeks with the stuff they find here,


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              If you are illegal, which means coming into the US without inspection, you cannot adjust status afterwards even if you are married to a USC.

              There is a distinct difference between illegal and overstayed.

              I am not a lawyer and I do make mistakes, although not deliberately. So, please doublecheck any information given by me or anyone else for that matter with a certified lawyer before you take any further action.


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                You should do this same as me, Regardless of your status.
                Go to Court house. ASk for marriage certification dept.
                take two piece of ID. Two Witnesses.
                They wil give you forms. Fille it out pay the fees. need both of peoples signature on the form in front of the person.
                So don,t forget to take your spouse with you.
                Witnesses will sign. and you are done.

                Sometimes they will give the certificate right away some time they will sent by mail. dependes upon your area.



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                  to adjust the status is another issue.


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                    he entered legally, now visa has expired. he/she wants to get married, if he/she is doing this just for gc they are going to regret it. even if it's a genuine marriage it's not going to be easy, coz he/she can't leave usa without being barred now. you can marry w/expired visa, i don't know what other id you need. i used passport and drivers licence, it was a long time ago and yes we are still married- happily thanks!


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                      Did you kiss the bride yet???????
                      Or F***** her yet?


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