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No one will hire hubby without SS#, please advise

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    deport illegal aliens


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      Until Hubby gets his SS Card and a job, we should all help out and send him some money....

      Good Luck Jossss...


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        To GuestW:

        TY TY TY! You are such a sweetheart. Bless you!

        When I went to Soc Sec to change MY SS card to my married name, Soc Sec confiscated my SS card.
        I got a receipt that I put in for a name change.

        From there I went to Dept of Motor Vehicles to change my name on my license. NO WAY without my SS card.

        Talk about a helpless feeling. It was like I had no identity, though I had 10 documents of proof. I realized without an SS#, one can't even get a "McJob." We so take for granted our right to work.

        The "great" job hubby was offered was one most Americans won't even stoop to do. He'd be happy doing migrant work if it was available. There are no jobs where we live.

        We get by on my income. We don't eat out at restaurants or go to the movies. There is no money to get the car fixed to pass inspection. No money for dental work or his diabetes medication, let alone doctor visits.

        I've been poor all my life, and I am thankful that I can get by. Roof over my head, food in my tummy, cigars to smoke, I am happy.

        I joke with my husband that if he was looking for a GC, I'd be the last person he'd marry. We got married so we could consumate our love, as that is forbidden outside of marriage in his religion. As a matter of fact, I proposed to him!

        We never even bothered with AOS until Special Reg came along. We were forced to AOS. I was terrified of losing him. We never gave a thought to SS#'s or GC's.

        I just want him to have a job where if he works more than 40 hours a week, he gets time and a half. Sick days and vacation time is great, but those jobs are not of our realm. I hate to see him slaving 7 days a week for straight pay less than minimum wage. Then if he takes a day off or is sick, he gets fired. Employers take advantage of those who can't work legally. They work you like a dog, then fire you when your body is too broken to work anymore. And these are his own countrymen!


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          The reason why emplyers need a SS# is for tax purposes. They could hire you and that would not violate immigration laws,however they have to deduct taxes and report those to the IRS. Without a SS# they can not do that.You couls request a tax id# also. I do not know if that will be enough though. Check it out. Obviously you hace internet connection so you can check on this. Good luck.


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            Sorry, I did not perform spellcheck


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              I don't think they even need the SS# till tax time in January.

              I think some payroll programs won't cut a check without an SS#. when I was a bookkeeper, I didn't have an employee's SS# once, (USC) so I typed in all zero's so he could get paid. Someone else said punch in all nine's. I don't know if this was legal to do, but I did it anyway. I try to tell people this, but they look at me cross-eyed.


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                To guest: Re: deport illegal aliens

                You finally got me! I thought I was special that you didn't bug me. Dip Toad!


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