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No one will hire hubby without SS#, please advise

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  • No one will hire hubby without SS#, please advise

    Hubby has EAD, but no SS# yet. Employers say they can't hire him without SS# (payroll reasons).

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    Hubby has EAD, but no SS# yet. Employers say they can't hire him without SS# (payroll reasons).


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      josephine schmo you ARE an IDIOT!!!
      With EAD you can obtain SS#. People here have more serious problems than being an IDIOT. Why does US issue EADs and gives GCs to idiots while inteligent and high-educated folks have no way to get legall?


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        To Smart:

        We filed for SS# same day EAD was issued, now go lay down by your dish.


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          Josephine dont let this smart cabbage annoy you. Anyone who speaks foul brings down their stature that low.
          Josephine please visit the site:

          Your card should not take long to get. Infact if you call the 1800 number there and talk to them, they will help you out.

          Dont let this so called "Smart" Dunderhead spoil your day.


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            Call the Social Security Administraion. They may give you (or him) his SS# if it has been issued and not mailed yet....

            Good luck



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              Take EAD as ID to SS office and apply for social security card. it will come in mail within 3 weeks to month.
              good luck.


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                We applied for Soc Sec# on May 16th, same day we picked up EAD.

                We just went to our local SS office in person. They have a file on hubby, but no SS# in system yet.

                He has been offered a great job and could start TODAY if he had the SS#.

                It's the most frustrating Catch 22!! He can work (EAD), but he can't work (no SS#)!

                Thanks for your support guys. I usually don't pay any attention to smart mouthed punks who don't have the guts to register on the site. I couldn't have done the AOS without Mohan, Umesh and everyone's help.

                What's bugging me is, is it legal for employers to turn him down for not having SS#?


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                  Josephine - since the SS has him on file and the # issuance is in process, would/could they write a letter he could take to potential employers indicating that he is in good standing with the INS and SS? Just a thought.

                  And I am SO glad you got irked enough to respond. I have been replaying your line in my head all day - seriously, if you are not a sitcom screenwriter you should consider it.

                  Good luck to both of you!


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                    ty lurker!


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                      I am just the opposit I do have SS# and no EAD.
                      I just cannot understand why morons like josephine schmo are not able to wait a few weeks for SS# when others have been waiting for years!


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                        To Rob:

                        It's hard to live on one income in this economy.

                        When you are sponsoring someone, you can't get food stamps and welfare like you do.


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                          Jo Schmo... After 9/11, SSA will verify info with BCIS before issuing SSN. Process can take anywhere from few weeks to 4 months! Be patient.


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                            TY Smart Jr.


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                              Yes, it is very difficult to get by when only one spouse is "permtited" to work. Every week it is a struggle to put food on the table and pay the bills. We don't get married to just to get a GC, we honestly want to be with the person we love no matter what. It is very stressful and there are disappointments in this process, not mention the expense of filing in the first place. It's cost us nearly $1,000 so far and that's without a lawyer, it took us a few years to save that money. So who in their right mind would go through what Josephine Schmo, myself and many others have gone through if they didn't truly love the other person.

                              Josephine Schmo - I hope it all works out very soon for your husband and he can get the job, you guys have had a rough time of it I know. Your case is the best possible example of true determination to be together. Good Luck.


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