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  • cost of medical exam

    How much is the cost of a medical exam for AOS?

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    How much is the cost of a medical exam for AOS?


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      where you are. I was quoted at least $300 from one assigned INS Doctor here in NY. Somebody in the Mid-west only paid $90! Phone INS for assigned Docs in your area and shop around.


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        I have a question. Did you have a medical before you came to the States? If you look at the AOS or the INS page ther is information that if you had the medical less than 1 year ago you should not have to do it again for the AOS. Check it out. Hope this helps.


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          The medical exam must be performed by an INS-sanctioned physician for adjustment of status in the U.S. The only way you could be examined by a physician outside the U.S. is if you are going for your permanent residence by applying at a U.S. embassy/consulate overseas. In order to file the adjustment of status you must be physically in the U.S. when the AOS is filed. The exam cannot be performed by just any doctor, but by a doctor who is allowed by INS to examine AOS applicants. The exam consists of HIV, Tuberculosis and syphilis tests, as well as a general physical examination. It takes approximately 2 days for the results of the blood tests to be returned. You can have the TB test done at a local health department. Make sure you take those results to the doctor who performs the examination. Also remember to provide proof of immunization, or you'll have to be immunized as well.


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            Hey Immi, do you have to submit the medical examination results together the Form I-485 to the local INS District Office, or you bring them with yourself on the interview? I am assuming it is to be the latter since I heard that the medical examinations are valid for one year only and that Adjustment cases take almost always more than 1 year (in fact up to 2 years in certain Offices) So, in case more than a year passes before you are going to be interviewed they will ask you to do another medical examination, won't they? Then, what sense does it make that they want you to submit Form I-693 together with the I-485?


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              The policies of different District Offices are different, some only want you to bring the I-693 at the interview, others may want to submit it together with the I-485 Form. Call your local district office to find out what the deal is.


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                If you can file the Medical along with your AOS package.

                I called my District Office (Chicago) right before I filed and they assured me that I only needed it at the time of the interview so I didn't file it.

                When I received my confirmationletter there was also a letter attached to send the Medical within 84 days.

                So if you can send along as it might save you some delay.


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                  Here are the general instructions for Form I-693


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                    "xandtrick": when you say you received a confirmation letter along with another one asking you to submit Medical within 3 months, do you mean that your adjustment application was not accepted until you send them the I-693? Or is it that you did receive a specific Number assigned to your AOS application and the Work Authorization issuance timing, for instance, was not affected by your non-submitting Medical Examination? It's not that clear from your response as to whether Medical Examination inclusion in the AOS package would delay or not processing for 3 months.


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                      EAD, AP will not be delayed because of this, I-485 (AOS) will be untill Medical is submitted.


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