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  • I-9 question regarding employment

    Do employers send the I-9 to INS or do they keep them in their files. If i fill out only the 1040, do i still have the chance of getting caught by INS?

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    Do employers send the I-9 to INS or do they keep them in their files. If i fill out only the 1040, do i still have the chance of getting caught by INS?


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      Employers are required to keep an I-9 on file for all active employees, citizen and non-citizen. Employers are also required to present the I-9s to the government for an audit. The I-9 is kept for either one year after the employee terminates or three years from the hire date, whichever is longer. Everyone has to do an I-9. If you are using a fake SSN or someone else's SSN on any application or company paperwork, your employer will receive a "mismatch" letter from the Social Security Administration, notifying them that there "is a problem" with your number, because the company has to report your wages. Your employer will notify you, and then you have to correct the problem. You will have to fill out an I-9, and a bad SSN will catch up with you.


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        I have a SS# that it was given to me when i came to the states.


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          Dwonder, is your problem that you are out of status, or do not have any other valid ID? Is that SS# yours, and a valid one?


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            I got that SS# because i was working in college when i was attending. It has my name and everything. I also have a valid drivers license. I need a job until a get marry and then do the paper work for gree card. My SS# is not fake! it's real. the only thing that say on it is work only with INS authorization.


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              Hey, dwonder, I think you may have answered your own question. You must be eligible. I know a lot about the I-9 but this is a little over my head! If no one else picks up on this thread, post the question again about your SSN and whether you're eligible. I'm dead sure about the info I gave you on the I-9. Good luck.


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                Do you think the IRS will catch me if i fill the 1040 with my SS#? i don't know if it will shows up as an non authorize worker. I know people who use fake ones and they never get caught. Mine is real, it just say: authorize to work only by INS. should i give it a try?
                i know the IRS and INS don't share a lot of info. A lawyer told me that the IRS don't share info with INS because they are a total different offices.


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                  Hi Dwonder..

                  I have the same situation. I got my SS# on J1 Work & Travel, then I got Drivers License.. and now I'm not sure if use my real SS# or better will be get fake SS# !?!?! Other problem is what with sign I-9 ? and question about US citizen or GC?

                  In my job on J1 I didn't have to sign this and it was strange.. maybe I didn't have to sign cause I had permit (IAP-66) to work.. but what know ?


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                    The question is: Should we use our same SS# that we used before our visas expire? If we get a job with that SS#, do IRS inform INS about it or we just go with the flow and pay taxes. My SS# says: authorized to work only by INS authorization. What would happend if we send the 1040 with our SS#? i still have my work permit that expired 6 months ago and put under US or GC the number of the EAD and change the expiration date? i came put that is good for three more years and they would not find out. the thing is using fakes SS# that won't match our names, thats all.


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                      Never, ever resort to using a fake SSN or make a false claim of citizenship. And please don't think the IRS and INS can't or don't communicate, they are linked, just not as much as we'd like. Once your employer gets a mismatch letter, you will be asked to correct your SSN. Then what will you do? You will be required to follow up on the letter and explain why you had a phony one. How will that look to your boss? Please, PLEASE don't use the bad ssn's or claim to be a citizen if you're not. The last one is a deportable offense - the tax & ssn thing shows bad moral character and will hurt any future efforts to legalize your status.


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