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    Thats very interesting esp about the nonwhites who are welcome in Canada vs US. Simply put, USA has more people with red necks than Canada which makes Canada the place to go for those without red necks!

    I think Canada will one day overtake the US in terms of strength of the economy; too many jobs are shipping overseas in America, and no one seems to care.

    I wish more people would come forward and say what they know about Canada. America calls Canada dumb and Canada calls America corky-there must be a middle ground known to someone on this board,surely.


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      I lived in Canada for 30 years and have lived in the U.S. for the last 9.

      Each country has its pros and cons. It depends on what aspect of each you are interested in.

      It is difficult to paint with such a broad brush.

      I would be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have, to the best of my ability.


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        On a very serious note, which of the 2 countries has better quality of life, more jobs and easier to raise a family in?

        Which is the best place of Canada to settle in?


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          Is having a degree also a requirement along with french for Canada.

          Where to look for the list of specified occupations for each provinces?


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            go to the site



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                Dear Aquila,
                In a thread elswhere my expression of contradiction/joke was at no means to anything written by you, in the reply, but MY PERCEPTION of the PRECARIOUS situation an immigrant finds themselves in, under those circumstances.

                You posts are always very informative. Thankyou.


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                  People have less "material goods" in cAnada. Cuz Canada has MASSIVE taxes on everything. From income taxe to 15% sales tax. Plus many stuff is imported from the US, and the exchange rate really raises those prices of goods.

                  So if you make same money in CAnada, you'll be buying less with it.

                  But it's easier living, not as fast paced but COLD!!!

                  Oh and the government is all bleeding heart liberal. Really annoying to live with. They let everyone get away with everyhting. Murder? 3 years. Illegal immigration and terrorist? Here's a gc. You get the picture.

                  -= nav =-


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                    The idea seems to be that theres less 'Take home' pay after taxes in Canada.

                    Does this apply to all professions and all over the country?

                    Is it true that the sales tax rates are 15% in Canada?


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                      i used to work in Canada. Trust me, i would almost cry after every paycheck I got.

                      -= nav =-


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                        I've read that you are required to show proof ($) that you can survive and not be a burden on the government until you can get a job. Does this still apply if you can qualify as a skilled worker?

                        Thank you.


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                          Is it that bad Moondin?

                          Please tell us more. Was it like 85% of your gross pay?


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                            Income tax rates in Canada range from 16 - 29% gross wages dependent upon the amount one earns.


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                              The standard of living is about the same in both countries. What you might pay extra in taxes is more than compensated for when it comes to health insurance, for example. As far as cost of living, it depends on what city you are in. Just like living in San Francisco is ridiculously expensive and Missoula Montana is cheap. Living in Victoria or Vancouver is a lot more expensive than living in Saskatoon or Winnipeg.

                              Bottom line, the countries are almost identical to live in and you can't generalize by saying one is better or worse than another. They each have their good and bad points.


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                                Here is the web site that Sammy was quoting:



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