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Aguila for you on Canadian Immigration

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  • Aguila for you on Canadian Immigration

    Last edited by SAMMY; 04-17-2018, 06:03 AM.

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    Thank you very much for the info! Also if I would learn french I would qualify for the 'skilled worker' program...

    Currently in my college, they offer 2 French courses, I don't think that will be enough...I will try to take them, but is highly unlikely since I burned all my elective courses already...

    I also consider in the past signing up for French classes at the 'Alliance Francais' [back home, curiously I learned Portuguese at this location through and agreement between both govts.. it cost me nothing]but the problem is that my schedule is so tight right now... I almost don't have time to breath...

    I also consider Spain...because they started with a new law that wanted to offer a visitor visa, wherein if the visitor can stay up to 3 months, but if withing those 3 months the visitor finds a job, he could remain in the country, the employer of course would have to file proper paperwork...

    In the worst case scenario I would go to Brazil where I could teach Spanish and English, or be a computer teacher, or something of that sort, and stay there for a year as a life experience and also as getting the energy to thinking of emigrating to North America or Europe...

    I do have clear that I would not go back to Uruguay...


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      Tall and Tender and young and Lovely the girl from Ipanema goes walking and when she passes each one she passes goes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...
      ...But each day when she walks to the sea she looks straight ahead down at him...
      AAAA Aguila writes her so sadly. Our situation is no heart openg gladly..
      tan tan tan!


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        hey Wish what's up!?

        Does your husband still bothers your with the divorce and stuff like that?

        I love Brazil... and the 'brazilian way of living'! Honestly I don't think anybody else in this earth knows how to enjoy better life and get the most out of it as the brazilians...

        I would love to live in Rio! I will do it one day at least for one year...


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          Tan tan tan...
          He goes back and forth on his decisions so much that we had a talk and explained how important it was that we file our taxes together. I explained from A to Z as you and everyone were giving me advice. I printed my thread and sort through the very most important points. He right now agrees to help me. So things cooled down for a minute. But its back and forth like a crazy broken yoyo...
          Anyway anyone who lives by the beach have a colorful take in life. So said that our economic situation is incredibly unstable. But Brazilian way yes. Life to its fullest . You said it all my friend. We look at life with a smile and one word-Hope.

          tan tan tan...


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            Vc e brasileira!? Eu nunca imaginaria que voce e uma brazuca!

            De que parte do Brasil vc e?

            I love your country! I almost overstay once... I love Brazilian women, not only because they are beatiful, but because of their personality... very family oriented, friendly and always with a smile in their faces!


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              Dang, Aguila, calm your hormones!
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Brasileirissima total falo amigo!
                Praia, sombra e agua fresca. Cheia de paixao e muito amor no coracao. E de esquentar a espinha e arrepiar a nuca. Sou mais para o norte do Rio. E terrinha boa bichinho!
                tan tan tan...


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                  Ta cheia de paixao mesmo? do Norte do Rio???

                  Eu gostaria de q vc me escrevesse a:


                  Assim a gente pode bater um pouco de papo...

                  Espero escutar de beijao de um gatao


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                    Hello Aguila, I have a question for you.
                    My girlfriend and I have each submitted a skilled worker immigrant application to the local Canadian Embassy. It's now been 2 years since we submitted our applications and we are planning to get married soon. My questions are: Is it better to wait for the decision on our immigration applications before we get married? How would our application be affected if we get married before the final decision of our applications come out? I have searched the net for a similar situation such as ours (2 people who both have pending immigrant applications who want to get married to each other) but couldn't find any. I hope you can help us out. Thanks!


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                      It will be better as someone already answer in another post because if one of you are denied then because you are married if one gets approved then you both could move to Canada.


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                        Is Canada as strong economically as the US? Like how easy is it to get jobs there and things like that?


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                          Federal unemployment rates:

                          United States (December) = 5.7%
                          Canada (final quarter) = 7.4%

                          According to a recent article in the NY Times

                          "After several years of growth stronger than that of the United States, the Canadian economy contracted in the second quarter as the American economy grew. In the third quarter, Canada's output rose by an annualized 1.1 percent adjusted for inflation, while in the United States the economy zipped along at an 8.2 percent clip."


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                            then how did Cnada get voted as the best place to live in the World?

                            Should the United States not be the best country to live in?

                            Ther must be something about Canada that is better than the US surely! Does anyone know?


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                              Canada spends about 45% of gross domestic product on government programs, vs. 35% for the U.S. It has national health care, doesn't have a death penalty, and in most cases considers abortion a private issue between a woman and her doctor. And Canada, unlike the U.S., has strict gun-control legislation.

                              When Canadians and Americans were asked whether they agreed with the statement, "The father of the family must be master in his own home." The number of Americans strongly or somewhat agreeing with the statement rose from 42% in 1992 to 49% in 2000. Among Canadians, those agreeing fell from 26% to 18% during the same period.

                              In 1992, only 14% of the respondents in both the U.S. and Canada agreed with the sentiment that when one is tense and feeling stressed, a little bit of violence can offer relief and "is no big deal." By 2000, the figure remained at 14% in Canada but had jumped to 31% in the U.S.

                              Only 11% of Canadians agreed with the statement, "Nonwhites should not be allowed to immigrate to this country" in 1992, rising to 13% in 2000. Among Americans, those who agreed rose from 16% to 25% during the same period.



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