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So which one to believe?

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  • So which one to believe?

    Is it the Bible? or the Koran?

    and why?

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    Is it the Bible? or the Koran?

    and why?


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      Not sure what this q is doing on this board, but my answer is - both. Also the Talmud, the I Ching, the Course in Miracles, the Book of Mormon...

      My point being, if one is truly seeking truth, enlightenment and service in the name of a higher power, one will find it no matter what the path. Picture a bicycle wheel with every spoke being a different religion or worldview (for example atheism, metaphysics are other ways of approaching the same thing). The center of the wheel is the Truth, the One. The spokes are different roads; different languages, if you will. If we all keep walking the path we are on whether we were born to it or chose it at some later date, we will get there - all roads lead to the heart. The reason we do NOT get there faster is that we waste the majority of our time, energy and life yelling to the folks on the other spokes (with the best of intentions in the case of missionaries; the worst of intentions in the case of violent zealots) "YOU'RE ON THE WRONG PATH!!!!!"


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        Why, you shouldn't believe either/any of them. Try my book "Dianetics" -- it'll change your life!


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          L. Ron Hubbard, read "your" book, I thought you were dead!


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            How come Bible is corrupt but not Quran?


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              I don't have blind faith, If people have faith in their particular "god" then so be it, but where is the proof to any religion. What is the difference between Christians, Jews, Muslims and others and cults like the Branch Davidians or the Jim Jones followers, I don't see any. Quite frankly it scares me, people have been fighting wars for centuries over religion and believing in something that can't be substantiated in my view.


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                Religions are inventions of people (people of the same faith are people from the same region!).
                Anybody believing seriously in any of these ***** tails usually have some mental defects.

                If you're an enlightened person and living up to the size of your brain or synaptic connections rather and respectively, then it will show in your daily interactions with other living and non-living things. Don't tell me you love God and yet all you want to do is hurt and kill everything what s/he's supposedly created...


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                  All religions are based on a set of rules and traditions to follow. That makes them nothing more then control mechanisms.

                  In my opinion religion is needed for a weak mind. A strong one doesn't need to be controlled. Ever wonder why so many "new born Christians" happen in prisons?

                  There's no proof of the existence of a higher power. What in some people's view is a divine intervention to others is just a freak occurrence. What you "feel" is irrelevant. Without being based on facts religions are just opinions that you accept as true or reject on your own merit.

                  What I'm against is labeling non-religious or people of other religions as "lost" and a demand to make a choice. But what if the "choice" is not to make a choice. That is a hard concept for believers for some reason.

                  If a religion keeps a convicted felon from sticking a knife to my neck I'm all for it. But if I'm dragged by my sleeve into it and called names I'm against it.


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