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How could I get into the states?

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  • How could I get into the states?

    I'm a 22 year-old girl, graduating from college next June. What are the best ways for me the get into the states?

    Please help!

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    I'm a 22 year-old girl, graduating from college next June. What are the best ways for me the get into the states?

    Please help!


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      Find a job, then have your prospective employer file H-1. Prepare for several months wait.


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        that's what i'm thinking about, but according to some information on the internet, they usually require doctor's degree or special skills. Will it be ok if I've just a bechelor's degree? What if my prospective employer find a lawyer to deal with it? Will the chance be larger?


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          marry me. lol!

          -= nav =-


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            How's the chance of applying visa as a fiancee?Is it easier to succeed?


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              Clear GRE and TOEFL....apply for masters....


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                i wanted to apply for F-1, but my family doesn't have enough money to support me!That's why I wanna try other ways!


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                  Find a decent guy and marry....! Good luck...!


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                    As someone mentioned, you can try to apply for an H1 with your bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people looking for work, and employers have more candidates to choose from. So for them to invest time and money on someone that is not even in the country yet, it would have to be a pretty specialized job that they can't find anyone else for. But it couldn't hurt to try.

                    If you want to study, try to apply for scholarship from the university you want to go to. Many schools offer graduate assistantships to students, and that could include paid tuition + some salary for doing work on-campus. I know of students that have been able to get these kinds of scholarships before they even came to the US. Of course you have to be admitted to a university first.

                    Find some universities that you would want to go to, and contact them to find out if they offer any scholarships like this, and how you can go about applying for them. At the university I went to, there were about 600 graduate assistantships available, and about 300 of them were held by international students.


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                      Thanks, Mark and Pasha Petal. You are helpful.

                      I'll try the both way. Actually I've asked an agent company about these two ways, but they said both of them would not work, which discouraged me. But there's always hope. I would try anyway.


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