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    Wouldn't the best advice be for her to finish her current semester, withdraw from school, and return to her homeland to have her baby? Afterwards, she could return legally to her studies without any chance of being in illegal status. If she stays, having a baby won't make her legal, and she didn't come to stay, she came to go to school. Wouldn't that be the simplest solution without all the time, energy, and INS red tape? (I don't know the answer, but it's just a thought.)


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      Yet another example of what our stupid immigration policy brings. We have got to pass a law that makes the children of aliens,inelgible to be citizens for at least 18 years. How stupid can these people be? What would they do for you in YOUR country?? I bet you would have been a little more careful if "YOU" had to pay for this.


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        IRENE - get off the board, leave the immigrants alone!!! Jerk!


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          irene,she is not illegal okey!! how much do you think she will spend going back home to their country maybe her country is far,So if you can't help,shut up!!


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            congratulations Mam, there should be plenty of charities and support from common sense people and organizations, try Catholic charities as well. My exprierence has been always very good with them, at least they are really trying to practice what they preach...

            I didn't want to comment on the hate that was also on this board, and it must hurt you to see what demented assumptions some people have, but we all know (with the obvious exception of guest, miki, irene and what fatols you have) that the yearly health care "expenses" on a few illegals or foreigners here is by far outnumbered by the strange expenses no bulti-billion $$$ weapons industry is shy to spend on killing these same people in their "homes" ... shame on you!


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              Everyone here is assuming that they want to stay here permanently. How do you know that they won't study here and then go back home when her studies are through.
              Not everyone who studies here wants to stay here.

              Good luck with everything Mam.


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                Perhaps Irene is insinuating that the two F-1s decided to have an American baby with the hope that they won't be deported should they remain illegally in the U.S. after their visas expire.


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