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I-601 Denied...want to appeal

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    Mohan are you able to explain number three any better? I am slightly confused on that. I actually think that our written statements will help us, in that they show the personal side, our lives and the beginning part of our relationship...

    I would appreciate any additional info.



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      I don,t want to be too nosy. but I ask somthing before from you in your email,but never got replied back ! any way No 3) There are statements which have negative impact. For example; ALien spouse was in the country and stayed here some years, and he never worked, did not get find a job, (legal ot illigal).he is basically live off the USC, and have burdon on USC and if Alien mentioned that in the supplement with the excuse that he was not allowed to work thats has negative impect. Service will look for another contribution towards famlity. IF the alien not even increase his/her knowledge in the meantime then, its straight forward denial. IF the background of the USC and Alien is the same, it is expected to know the native language of aliens country and USC can be relocated in the aliens country where its easy for him to find job and spouse can live in his country with the fact that Alien has his family tie in his native country. USc can still argue his family tie in the US which leads to depression and psychological trauma. But its better not to mention about his whole situation about his job history while in USA.


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        Mohan, can you please reply to my post from 3 days ago.
        My parents are US citizen and im overstayed my visa.
        Im returning to my home country this year and we dont know what we need to file in US ambassy there?
        Will they ban me for 10 years or there is possibility to file some waiver ?
        thanx in advance


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          spouse- we filed for I-601 in August but we got the denial letter saying that it got denied bcus my hubbie failed to prove extreme hardship towards me and da the kids if he would have to go back...

          ***whoever asked how he got caught the first ...well this lady told the ins about him... we werent married, i was just a u.s i couldnt do anything then

          mohan is right its not only hardship, there's more they look at....past history in the u.s...well my hubbie only overstayed a visa waiver...2 yrs and 3 months...he's automatically triggered the 10 year ban..

          anyway, let's just hope this one gets approved...

          good luck every1 don't loose hope..


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            Faith.... You should have Faith...LOL... it will approve.


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              Mohan....gosh your amazing...thank you for helping us...what would we do without you????


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                Thanks so much for the info, all is still "well" with our application I think. I truly apologize for not responding to your e-mail, but, truthfully, I haven't received one.

                My e-mail address for this board is

                I have another one that I use with greater frequency, but I am afraid I haven't gotten anything there either.

                Which e-mail did you use??

                Faith, thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I am sure that the denial was due to inadequate filing and that this time things will go much better for you.

                My prayers are with you.


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                  thanks spouse....good luck on your application too..


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                    $6,000 -- $10,000 to pay an attorney?


                    Are you out of your miiiiiiiinds???????

                    Don't you know that most of the time all that these lawyers do is just fill out applications?


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                      exactly..... that's why we took the chance of doing it ourselves...and save what we have just in case he has to leave the country.....but yeah it's rediculous.....but thanks 2 mohan for the help...he definitely took some loads off of my shoulders...thanks again..


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                        Need help....

                        I just received an ema notification that my husbands I -485 and I - 601 was denied I am still waiting for the letter to come int he mail to see why it was denied. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed.

                        What's the next step?
                        What happens next?


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