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I-601 Denied...want to appeal

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    ok I am slightly confused about the I-601 have you filed it yet? Was it denied? If it was denied, could you please tell me why?

    As for changing residency, if he is a citizen of New Zealand, as his wife you should be able to apply for residency in New Zealand.

    New Zealand is not as wealthy as the United States, but it is a beautiful country with friendly people, and it is should prove to be more than adequate for all of your basic needs.

    I understand your desire to live in the United States, but as a back up plan, New Zealand doesn't sound to bad to me at all. You should start applying for your residency there asap, so that you can be ready to move there in the case of bad news from the I-601 filing/appeal.

    Good Luck to you!


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      Mohan here is my email


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        we haven't thought about New Zealand yet...his parents are back in samoa and he said if his appeal doesn't get approved he'll go back there and me and the kids can stay..he knows how much i love living here and thats why he said that and he doesnt want the kids to grow up education...bad hopitals...i don't know how to explain it to the daughter is 8 months old so she needs a good pediatric.....and we like her doctor up here...our son (stepson to my husband) is 4 years old and he is in headstart already and he loves school and his teacher whole family is up here...i have no family in father is a minister up here and he is willing to write a letter (we go to his church) as a matter of fact my husband is our choir's secretary and youth group's vice president, he has a sister, and aunt legally residing here and a nephew usc...hopefully i can use some of these facts to argue our case....please help me...

        yes we filed for I-601 and it got denied and we were given a chance to appeal....

        thanks everyone and God Bless


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          Check your mail.


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            Mohan, we all know on this board how great you are in advising and giving would be great if you share things on board so evryone
            can take advantage of your advice...
            sorry if you may not like me saying that... i know you are free to give yr advice the way you want, but I am sure lot of people read any post signed by please if you don't mind share all your advices and information on this board because they are always so precious..
            thank you and god bless you...

            To Faith,

            The waiver I-601 is hard to be approved but you will always have a chance to file it again and again as long as you have news things to submitt..
            am i right Mohan ????

            Good luck allllllllllllll


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              Thank you everyone for your support....


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                Mohan...did you get my email????


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                  I always give informations publically but where ever things concern to individual, I help them to the extend to correct their mistakes if they want.
                  You are right waiver is hard to approve and one can apply again and again.
                  faiths waiver was denied and I want to know why, if its aprovable and I will be any help I will offer my help at the best to get approve.
                  If you will be in this situation I will do the same for you too.
                  Its not that I have noting else to do. Its god help them who helps others.


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                    There are some personel info/material you can't post/ask here. I hope you agree with me on this one.


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                      I agree Mohan for the private materials that you cannot post on this board...I just don't want to miss any of yr precious advice lol
                      thank you
                      I read the other post where you told Bushmaster that everybody is praying for him...don't be jealous lol we are praying for you too.. I am muslim and in my religon we say that who ever help other god will help don't worry you are so kind and helpful and I am sure god will not forget you Good luck

                      p.s : tO anyone who will comment negatively on this post, I am muslim but please save me any nasty hateful remarks ok


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                        Thanks Mohan, gosh i felt like an idiot, but i am cool..anyway, i emailed you back i appreciate everything and anything you can do for me....i knew it was a hard case but i didnt thing it was this hard...


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                          thanks mohan i got your email....i'll work on it and email it back to you....God Bless everyone out there who are in the same shoe as i am....


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                            Thank you guest for your kind remarks. I know the muslim religion too, I worked in the gulf in my past.
                            Faith can answer that if I was right to ask her email address, and if its worth it.
                            spouse paid $6000-$10,000 for the same with 10% chances of aproval and she is in debt, god help her. Faith cannot even affort an attorney.


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                              yeah mohan is right....up here in Alaska is not cheap...lawyers asked $8000-$12000 up front to retain...i lost hope until i searched the web and came upon this website so i was curious and read some posts and decided to give it a shot and here i am...thank you everyone for your support...


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                                You just don't realized it but ppl are really grateful that you are always there for them. You might have save them thousands of dollars or keep a family together...You will get a lot of blessings from above.


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