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Married an illigal immigrant

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  • Married an illigal immigrant

    I am a American and just married an illigal. What do we need to do to get her papers for citizenship?

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    I am a American and just married an illigal. What do we need to do to get her papers for citizenship?


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      If they entered without inspection-- nothing. (Assuming they had been here more than a year). Many people are suffering in the same situation. If they have children out of the country, you can apply for them, however, and they will become citizens on arrival. But your spouse will need to wait for a change in the law, eg- another period of 245(i).


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        It is a waiting game. I have been married to an illegal for 1.5 years and we have a child. Our lives go on as usual and we just wait. We both work. We just bought a home. We have a fairly normal life but live in a certain amount of fear also. They say by the 2004 election something will have been done about the illegal immigration problem so someone can win votes.


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          Welcome to the club.
          Same here buddy. My wife and I have been married for 2 years now and everyone gives me the same sad song "wait for 245i". The other option is what they call "extreme hardship" which is very very VERY hard to prove and have granted. I deceided to live illegally.
          Whatever you do, do NOT file any paperwork. Go to a reputable attorney and get the facts.
          Stupid isn't it? We're Americans and we're not at Liberty to Marry who we choose.

          Let me know if you find something out that I don't know about.

          Good luck


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            Oh yeah - Something my Tax Attorney informed of: Don't file "single" even though your wife is illegal. That's called "TAX FRAUD". Don't mess with the IRS. You can get her a TAX ID# by filing the W-7. Go to
            here ya go:

            Good luck


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              You all should check out and support HR 440 which looks like it could be the new "legalization" act. It is a bit different than the 245i. I would like to hear some personal opinions or updates on this if anyone knows anything.


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                If you would like to keep track of HR440's progress, you can do so at Thomas Bill Tracking:


                However, I wouldn't go crazy waiting for the status to change. it is one of many measures that have died from inaction waiting to be considered. The only measures that seem to be likely to pass this year are the DREAm act, and AgJobs. I might add that despite a lot of hubub about AgJobs widespread support, it hasn't been moving as fast as suspected. They will provide relief to young people that arrived at less than 16 years old, and farmworkers. We are hoping that wider measures might be on the horizon in the next year or two.


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                  Where can I find information about the AgJobs bill. My husband would definately qualify under that!!


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                    how stupid I must feel, I try to do things by the law...


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                      Hi everyone,
                      I too have been waiting a year and a half for the restoration of 245I, and it is so difficult as you all know. Every time I speak with lawyers they all say pressure your congressmen and senators and I have written so many letters. Is there any way we can all advocate together? If there are so many American citizens waiting for this law if we all put enough pressure on our congressmen and senators maybe we could speed the process up. If you think I am naive that is fine, but after waiting for a year and a half with no concrete results what else do I have to lose?


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                        I AGREE WITH YOU!!! There is power in numbers. I sent a letter to my local Congresswoman (Oregon) and got no response. The problem is finding people in your same area in the same situation and then what???


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                          I agree too! The way for change to happen is for people to speak up. We have all heard it before- every call to your congressperson represents the opinion of hundreds of people, because only a portion of constituents ever call. If you can encourage your friends to do the same- just send a quick email, it really can make a difference. 245I should not be as touchy as other "amnesties" because it only provides relief to those who *already qualify* somehow. BTW- I should at least mention that another route for anyone needing 245I is to seek consular processing, and then seek a waiver of the bar when trying to return. Not that I generally recomend it, but it is a possible route. The risk, of course, is that you cannot be sure you will be able to return.

                          AgJobs would give temporary wrok and travel permission to those that have worked 100 days in agriculture between 3/1/02 snd 8/31/03, and requires a fine of $1,500. ILW is as good a place as any to get updates on its progress. You can also track action in the Senate (or House) Judiciary committee.


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                            Thanks for your replies. I am too scared for my husband to go home. He is from Colombia which is not an easy country to get out of. I guess we need to continue writing and advocating and hope that others are doing the same. I wish there was some way to get in touch with everyone who is waiting, and we could all do a major writing campaign! Patience, patience, patience.............


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