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    Anyone out there, dealing with immigration issues, felt forced by your immigration situation, to start taking anti-anxiety medication?

    Did it help?

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    Spouse, are you still here? If you want to talk let me know.


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      Spouse, just putting up with the immigrant forces me to take anxiety pills!
      Sweet Madame Belu


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        Hi I am still here!!! I just got temporarily knocked off and then I had to respond to one of those stupid ilw complain posts that I occasionally get dragged into against my will (and really do not help my state of mind)

        I would love to talk or to find an immigration support group in the area, but it is kinda hard to do at times.

        Josephine... do you really take them? Does it help? I am seriously considering it! I just don't want to take pills if it is not really going to help...


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          Spouse, go back onto the britishexpats web sight. I sent you a private message which includes my e-mail in it. Let me know if you found it.


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            just did... already e-mailed !!!!


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              In fact it is not just Immigration but any daily problem that could make you anxsious and willing to take pills.
              I guess close to some 16 mln people take them here, in US.
              Now, you want a good advice?

              Here it is: Pills DO have side effects and nobody knows for sure how and what part of brain they damage in the long run(they are relatively new in market).
              You are also likely to get addicted and take more and more in years to come(basically its just like any other illegal drug, only difference is that you get it under prescription and from farmacy store rather than street corner).
              So the best thing to do is to STOP WORRYUNG TOO MUCH about yourself.
              Nothing can help to "heal" anxiety as much as not caring TOO much of yourself.
              Just accept the facts as they are and STOP doing something that only makes things worse: WORRYING.
              You will be "cured" instantly and you will also gain the sense of joy you never had before.

              My Best Regards ;-)

              P.S. It is OK to went off your emotions as long as it falls within First Amendment ;-)


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                Dear spouse,

                What kinda medication are you taking right now? If its for time being then its ok ... otherwise get away from that .... Good luck...Pasha


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                  hehehe good to hear I still have some rights under the constitution.

                  I wish I could stop worrying, but the only way that is going to happen, is to have, for the first time in three years, a belief that stability is a a visible possibility.

                  I have heard that some pills are less addictive and have less side effects than others...

                  I am just afraid that all this tension is going to lead to a breakdown (which is not an option right now) or seriously damage my health...

                  but thanks.. I will definitely keep your recommendation in mind. I am a little scared of the idea anyway.


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                    Thanks for the reply... at the moment I am not taking anything, just contemplating taking a couple for the next two-three weeks to get me through the decision...


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                      Don't be scared of the IDEA.
                      Read some ancient Chineese literature ;-)
                      You will discover how great is the range of ideas you can entertain without ever being scared of them ;-)
                      Good luck ;-)


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                        Anxiety pills can be habit forming and may ultimately do you more harm than good. Also they put you in an artificial high - hehe you don't want to be exceedingly happy in a situation that demands you be yourself.

                        If you haven't already tried it before - try spending atleast half an hour in some strenous and/or involving activity - sports are best, but if you like going to the gym, have interest in carpentry - it will keep you mentally stable and focussed.


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                          Hi Spouse

                          I guess you are considering meds like Zoloft, Efexor, Paxil, Celexa and mother PROSAC.

                          Before you try chemical based formulas you should try to look into natural solutions like amino acids and supplements such as "SAME".

                          RElaxing aminos such as L-Theanine for relaxtion and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) works great if you take right before bedtime. the best sleep and wake up cycle! 5-HTP helps promote healthy Serotonin levels for relaxation, and L-tyrosine helps brain functions and relaxation.

                          The naturals are less likely to create more chemical imbalances caused by the synthetic meds and mood altering drugs/pharmaceuticals.


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                            Continously thinking about a problem is not good - so focus your energies into something more constructive. Even if you take natural medicines - and for some reason they don't work for you, will be your next worry bone - why the **** is this natural thing not working for me - type of thing will creep in.


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                              The word hidden under stars is h e c k


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