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What's wrong with people marring aliens.

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    Hey there Polaris. I'm just cruising around on the boards. My sister married someone from the UK and they have been going through all the immigration issues. They were taken for a pretty harsh ride by a rotten attorney, so I've been trying to lend a hand and read up on the ins and outs of all this. I tell you this much: I don't envy anyone for having to go through the paperwork, but I do certainly wish that I had the kind of love that I've seen through the couples on here. The guy that keeps on posting dumb remarks is making me wish they had a computer program that allows you to smack people in the mouth. I haven't ever seen two people as in love as my sister and brother-in-law. For that man to assume that he knows any better is just about as twisted as it gets.


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      Sarah H:

      Kudos to your sister and brother-in-law. It's great that you're helping them out as well. Yes, the paperwork is a nightmare, but it's more than worth it.

      I had to ask about your name, because of the irony of it, for me. I can't explain it any further than that, due to this being a public forum. Anyway, it's no big deal...hehehe.

      I agree on the computer program, but we can all relish in the FACT that the guy that keeps posting those messages is nothing more than a lonely fool. He's angry at the world because of his inability to impress anyone in his life. I'd be willing to be he's even a disappointment to his parents.

      Have a good one. It's time for me to type Sols her email so she has something to read in the morning. Good luck finding what you're looking for.


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        Let me laugh...ah-ah-ha...ah-ah-ha...I don't think you've been in this kind of situation at all and you have no idea what are you talking about! Sounds you've never been in love...let me re-write your story here:
        There is definitely something wrong with US citizens who DECIDE themselves (there is no forcing for that!) to fall in love with foreigners, marry with them and NEVER-EVER move to a foreign country! Because most of the US citizens don't find other countries to be good enough to live in, to have a career and most important: they wouldn't do it even on the name of their LOVE. And if they do, then would eventually go back to the US anyway. But there ARE other good countries, besides America in the world (maybe even better!). Americans are very patriotic people and they love their country more than anything (anybody) else.
        Do you know that there are millions and millions of Americans who haven't even traveled outside their hometown?! There are Americans who cannot even read, write and don't know the name of their president. They are not good at geography as well. Can we consider them to move to another country? No way! They'd rather go for a wife or husbands's hunting on the internet. But there are always going to be a lot of tourists and immigrants in the United States.
        So, how many engagements and marriages have broken up, because the USC hadn't asked his/her spouse to move with him to the US? But I do know on thing – 50 percent of the marriages between Americans end up with a divorce anyway. Maybe this next door American girl or boy wasn't just the ONE?! Have you dated your guy or girl next door yet?


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          Hmmmm.... Let's see... I am honestly trying to understand what you typed...You said that Americans don't want to move to other countries, right? Well, you're wrong... A lot of my friends have left the US to move to other countries...

          England has been the main one that they have gone to because a lot of people, in this area, have been able to go there through the military. They have ended up finding the culture and people to be much more pleasing to their morals and ethics. I was more than ready to move to Manchester, England to be with my husband.

          If you had read ALL of the posts on this thread, you would already know that. But, it would seem, that you choose to ignore the little details. It was my daughter that made the decision for us. We didn't care where we lived, as long as we were together.

          You also said that Americans love their COUNTRY more than anything and anyone else. That's also a load of crap. You are supposed to have pride in your country, yes....But the people that I know are good human beings with huge hearts. They would do anything, in the name of love, for their soulmate.

          The problem is this: Most people don't have strong enough convictions to WAIT for their soulmate. They end up settling for someone that provides 'companionship' instead of true love. THAT is when problems will occur, and it won't matter, at that point, WHERE the two people are.

          You seem to have a HUGE problem with human beings that meet other people on the internet, as well. Why is that? When I went to England, for vacation, it was based on the premise that I was going to hang out with various friends that I had met and spoken to for years.

          It was NOT my intention to go 'snag a husband'. Why do you think that people would go through this immigration process if they didn't really love the other person with all their heart?
          OF COURSE it would be easier to fall in love with the proverbial 'guy or girl next door', but that isn't what love comes down to.

          Love isn't based on some schedule that you can predict. It just HAPPENS...Most of the time, when the people least expect it. That's what happened with Rob and I. All we knew was that we felt like we were already best friends...

          We didn't think, for even a second, that we would end up falling in love... But it happened...and I tell you right now: This was destined to happen between Rob and I... We both believe that with all our hearts...

          Now let me ask you something: What gives you the right to say that falling in love is WRONG? No matter WHO it is with or WHAT COUNTRY they are in??? Who are you to judge people that you don't even know?

          The only thing that it sounds like is that you are lonely or something...It sounds like you have only envy toward the couples on this board, which is sad... Instead, you should be HAPPY for us because LOVE creates MORE LOVE.

          I hope you attain happiness in your life and break down the boundaries that you seem to have built up in your head. Love doesn't understand geography. It only knows the heart.


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            That's an intersting way to wait for your "true love" being nocked up by some British bloke in the meantime... Spread 'em legs, eh?


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              'Spread em' legs?'-----Huh? LOL Ahhh haaa...I see you've been a little slack on your English lessons, junior...But for someone that spreads his lips, as much as I'm sure you do for your boyfriend's dick, it would only make sense that you'd be typing like that. I'm sure it must be tricky to get to the keyboard with his hips in your way...

              P.S...I was married to my best friend, when I was only 20 years old. We both realized that it had been an impulsive decision, on both our parts, so we had a friendly divorce.

              Now, because of such a wise choice, we are both with the people we should have been with right from the start. Fortunately it didn't take me long, even at that age, to understand what I SHOULD be doing. It's called 'growing up', you blubbering nitwit.

              Fortunately, from the experience, I ended up with the most terrific kid on the face of this earth... You wrote: 'being knocked up by some British bloke.' Where the hell did you get that from??? I never wrote anything of the sort. LMAO... Try R-E-A-D-I-N-G a post before you go spewing out your manic ramblings...

              I do, however, find it utterly hilarious that all you could come up with was that one pathetic sentence after reading my post. You are, yet again, only showing how weak and stupid you truly are...

              Don't get me wrong...I ADORE dumb ****s like you...You make me feel above and beyond BRILLIANT... You are making it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO obvious that you are alone and have no one to turn one to love.... no one that will listen to one to hold and be held by.... How sad for you...*sigh*

              Oh! Wait a minute...I forgot for a second that you're a piece of shit that deserves nothing more than a lonely existence... It's not sad for you...It's FUNNY...lmao


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                no Irish boyfriend is only moving to the US because I have a daughter still in school. We both would prefer to live in Ireland. Unfortunatly, we have to wait it out here in America.


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                  Ire Blues

                  Nice to see you again Don't give that moron "no mercy" the satisfaction of winding you up, he's obviously got a screw loose! LOL


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                    Heather & Rob ..."He gave it all up because my daughter said that she didn't want to move away from her friends at school... We both were willing to give up EVERYTHING to be together, no matter where we started our lives from". I understand this scenario, my boyfriend is doing the move to the states ONLY because of my child. Makes the whole process of waiting on a visa all the more frustrating!!!


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                      Hi Sols...

                      Hope all is well. Congrats on the interview date!! I just had to let him know that not everyone is foaming at the mouth to live here in Amercia!!


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                        ire blues

                        Thanks! Yeah it's been one hell of a wait, but it's almost over now. Just hoping everything goes well at the interview

                        It really doesn't matter what "no mercy" thinks. No one is really interested in anything he has to say because he knows NOTHING!


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                          I am sure the interview will go well. How could it not?

                          I am off to shop with my kid now. Have a good one


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                            For ire blues:

                            Thank you for writing to us...I wish the two of you the best of everything!...It's nice to know that someone can relate and understand the love that we have for each other...

                            ~~~Heather & Rob~~~


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                              Heather & RobFor ...thank you and I wish the best for you both as well.

                              No one really understands until they have been in our situation. I have found sincere and helpful people on this board. The ignorant types have given me a laugh or two!!


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                                deport illegal aliens


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