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What's wrong with people marring aliens.

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    Wow, the almighty "boo" speaketh.

    So, what are you doing her "boo"? Are you just a troll, with no life, and nothing better to do on a Saturday? Are you THAT hurt by someone marrying a foreigner? HA! Here's a quarter, go buy a life.


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      And by the way, to quote the BBS itself, "Use this discussion board to post your immigration questions." I don't see "opinion" or "view" anywhere in there. So, once again, you've shown your IQ is equal to that of a toad.


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        I married a USC a few years back and I have to admit I did have a material interest.
        My home country sucked I was in the US Illegally and the only way for me to stay was to marry a USC. I thought I was in love... But once I got my 10 year green card I suddenly started seeing the other side of my spouse...
        We're divorced now.
        That's said think twice before marring a foreigner.


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          LOL, nice post "no mercy".


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            deport illegal aliens


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              My USC husband is the materialistic one, he wants the new car, new TV, DVD player etc, etc, what the hell for, I don't know why he has to keep buying this stuff. If he said we're moving to my home country tomorrow I would be very happy, we've discussed it, but until we can afford to go we're staying here. I never asked him for a damn thing. He went back to college to get his degree while I supported us financially by working illegally as a housekeeper, so don't presume that all alien spouses are the materialistic partners.


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                No Mercy keeps on listing all these fake names on here... He's doing it on all of the sites. As far as his 'tell them that you'd rather move to where THEY are from' theory goes... I DID.

                That's what we were supposed to do right from the start. My husband had a lovely home and a fifteen year job.... Great friends... all of it...everything he could possibly want for or need...

                He gave it all up because my daughter said that she didn't want to move away from her friends at school... We both were willing to give up EVERYTHING to be together, no matter where we started our lives from.

                That's what it's all about. It doesn't matter WHERE you begin your lives together. It DOES matter that you know that you held out and were patient, in this life, until you encountered your soulmate...

                I know that I married mine and no one, especially not ****ed up asswads like 'no mercy', will make me waver on my decision, nor my love for my husband.


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                  Women who marry foreigners are fat, ugly, uneducated losers. But I guess even they need some loving, and that's where foreigners come handy.


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                    ****boy??? LOL!!! Your name says it all!!!
                    What woman in their right mind would look at you?
                    Suggest you go play with your greased up joystick and look at pictures of yourself.... its probably the only way you're going to get off... period!!!


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                      No name,

                      Did i hurt your feelings since you're one of those women i described? I guess it's true what they say that uglies are more sensitive than regular people...well, go have fun with your foreign husband or american man will want fugly, low life like you.


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                        deport illegal aliens


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                          This is the dumbest shit... Jesus christ. It's the same ****ed up cocksucker that keeps making new names. He has NO LIFE to speak of and can't even come up with a sane explanation for why he is so angry.
                          So all we can come up with is that he has a micro *****, and can't even attain an erection unless he stares at nude pictures of his own mother.
                          ****boy...lmao... More like 'LimpBoy'


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                            This guy is a truly sad example of why people are so open-minded to finding true love in other countries. He is making me sick to my stomach. Why would ANY woman want to be with a stinking turd like him? American or otherwise? I feel certain that he is well aware that women turn and vomit at the mere sight of him, so I suppose he has reason to be such a ***** cry-baby. One thing that I noticed, is that whenever someone answers his stupid questions, with legit answers that make sense, he only goes and creates ANOTHER fake name, instead of responding with even one ounce of intellect. He is a worthless cretin that should be hit by a moving truck. It certainly would make things a lot more peaceful on the boards.


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                              Sarah? Who are you?


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                                "no mercy" try baraback sex...


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