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What are the ramifications of breaking a lease?

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  • What are the ramifications of breaking a lease?

    I have 10 months left on my lease and want to break it. There is no work here.

    I hear a landlord can hold you liable for the monthly rent for the duration of the lease until the apartment is rented. I am afraid the landlord will keep the apartment off the market for 10 months to bleed me dry. Isn't he legally obligated to market the empty apartment?

    I wouldn't care except my husbands sponsor is the co-signer of the lease. I don't want to create any problems for her.

    Here is a mitigating factor. When I signed the lease, we told the landlord about water damage to the bathroom floor tiles. The one inch tiles and subfloor have bubbled up, and in the summer, little bugs come out of the floor. They have not even come to look at the damage, let alone repair it.

    I've put throw rugs over the damage and have almost fallen when the rug slips.

    What I would offer him would be to pay the rent for the month and immediately vacate (not wait 30 days). That way they can come right in an do maintenance. I would hope he would try to rent it right out so he would get double rent for that month. Also, he could rent it at a higher price than what I am paying.

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    May be you can talk to your landlord about this. Or you have a reason to go to Housing Court for repairs and hold rent till all repairs are done. Most of time, when a tenant is behind rent for more than two months, then landlords always offer that you vacate the apartment and we will reliquish our claim for past rent. Because landlords know, once apartment will be vacant they can rent it to a new tenant for a higher price.
    Good luck.


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      You should write to the Landlord and send letter via certified mail or hand deliver him letter in the presence of at least one witness. Also, you can visit this site for some additional guiance.


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        When you sign a lease, you are legally responsible for the rent for the time period that you signed the lease for. If you do not pay, then your guaranter is legally responsible to pay. The landlord is not legally obligated to look for someone to take your lease over. You could put an add in the paper looking for someone to take it over or maybe if you explain your situation to the landlord, he might be nice and let you out of it. Good luck. Leases are crappy deals that benefit the landlord and hurt the tenents. I've had some bad experiences with leases and that's why I always rent apartments with month to month agreements. Once I rented an apartment with a 6 month lease. The second night we were there it was super noisy and we couldn't sleep. We tried to get out of the lease because we hadn't realized we'd be living amongst such partiers, but it was too late. That's why thy leased the dumb apartment. They knew that there would be no way to hold people there for more than a few days without a legal binding contract.


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          Ty guys!

          I normally never sign leases, and I never will again! I'll keep you posted.


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            I was wondering is there any way to get out of a lease early. Despite the fact that you as a tenant should remain in the rental for the whole length of the lease, no one can really tell when you really want to move out prior.


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